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Best Buy iPhone App: Overcoming privacy issues

Two days ago Best Buy unveiled that they are to use a iPhone app called “Shopkick,” and the retail store did not show off all the great features that the upcoming application has to offer. Instead they discussed how the app overcomes privacy issues, something that would have been on most users minds.

Being able to explain to these users that their information is safe and will not be shared with third parties was something that Best Buy thought was more important than what the new mobile app has to offer. The app is not yet available, but will be soon and other retail stores such as Macy’s will be using “Shopkick.”

According to Evan Schuman from StorefrontBacktalk, once you walk into store and you have your app switched on, the store will then transmit to you and others with the app various discount coupons that are currently on offer. The apps should go live very soon, but could face meltdown when it comes to Black Friday.

The code that is transmitted to the phone only sends a code unique to each store; no other information is passed over. This means that thieves will not be able to gain access to personal information, and it is this feature that Best Buy is most proud off.

Would you use the new Best Buy iPhone App?


  • bby insider

    Peter, I think your post is talking about an application Best Buy is involved with called “Shopkick.” It is not Best Buy’s main iPhone app. You might want to clarify.


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