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Apple iPad Mini and iPhone 5: Expectations

We are almost certain that Apple will unveil a new iPod Touch in September, but this is small news in comparison compared to the latest rumors of the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5. iLounge were the ones who posted these latest rumors, but will not share who their source is.

David Carnoy from Crave Cnet reminds us that we should take this rumor at face value, but there could still be some truth in it. We have already heard rumors of a smaller iPad device; this one will come with a 7-inch display and should be released either late 2010 or early 2011, which is when Apple should launch iPad 2.

The idea of a smaller iPad will be welcome to some, but is this just not going towards a slightly larger iPod Touch?

The other rumor was the iPhone 5, and this has certainly gained momentum in recent weeks. We all know that the iPhone 4 has an issue with its antenna; this might have forced Apple into launching the fifth-generation of the iPhone much sooner than anticipated.

I am not too certain on this one, it takes a long time to design and develop an iPhone, and those who have just signed into a new contract would not be too pleased that their iPhone 4 is old news in just a few short months.

We would like to ask you two questions; would you buy an iPad Mini? Do you think that Apple will release the iPhone 5 early?



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