Apple iPad Mini and iPhone 5: Expectations

By Peter Chubb - Aug 5, 2010

We are almost certain that Apple will unveil a new iPod Touch in September, but this is small news in comparison compared to the latest rumors of the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5. iLounge were the ones who posted these latest rumors, but will not share who their source is.

David Carnoy from Crave Cnet reminds us that we should take this rumor at face value, but there could still be some truth in it. We have already heard rumors of a smaller iPad device; this one will come with a 7-inch display and should be released either late 2010 or early 2011, which is when Apple should launch iPad 2.

The idea of a smaller iPad will be welcome to some, but is this just not going towards a slightly larger iPod Touch?

The other rumor was the iPhone 5, and this has certainly gained momentum in recent weeks. We all know that the iPhone 4 has an issue with its antenna; this might have forced Apple into launching the fifth-generation of the iPhone much sooner than anticipated.

I am not too certain on this one, it takes a long time to design and develop an iPhone, and those who have just signed into a new contract would not be too pleased that their iPhone 4 is old news in just a few short months.

We would like to ask you two questions; would you buy an iPad Mini? Do you think that Apple will release the iPhone 5 early?

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  • Yes, a new line up is a given. However, the antenna is not relevant, Apple did not have a problem with the antenna any more than any other producer, and they were able to prove that. Any radio transmitter/receiver if held in a certain way will lose signal, and to be honest, I have to say my iPhone 4 gets better signal strength than my 3GS – this is based on real usage in remote areas, not on the display bars. So, what could Apple do? Well, a cut down model is possible, but if it were smaller it would not be such an attractive proposition. Let’s be honest, anyone who wants a phone like this will go with a thin plastic cased Android variant, there are plenty to choose from. It isn’t part of the Apple business model to produce anything “cheap & nasty”. So where could they go? A smaller iPad possibly, but then Steve Jobs always reckoned that was not great from a human interface perspective. What I think is we will have an Apple TV “set” with the existing Apple TV inside, an iPhone 5, I think it’s a little early for an iPad 3, maybe an iPad Pro would make sense instead, but don’t forget what September is, and here for me is the real opportunity. September is about iTunes. Apple just announced iCloud, so ask yourselves what does that mean for iPOD (deliberate capitals)? I think we will see wifi/3g iPods emerge to take advantage of the cloud. Given that as a possibility, I come to my favourite Apple fantasy – Steve, if you’re listening, make one for me! This is it: The existing iPod Nano with a 3G capability. It comes with a watch strap and you wear it on your wrist. No charging socket, no headphone socket. It has bluetooth to talk to a headset of your choice – in ear for monaural or over the head for stereo music. Yes, you guessed, the 3G also enables it to work as a phone – simple, few if any apps (obviously contacts and calendar would be there). It charges wirelessly via Apple’s new patent and may kep it’s radio receiver function but who knows. It will stream music from the cloud and could even – this is a big ask – use the Nuance technology to read your emails or texts to you, given the small size of the screen. I’ve played with the idea of dialling on that screen and it is feasible, no worse than the number keys on a blackberry device. Lastly, it has NFC embedded. Why do I like it? Well, I met a guy from Apple a few months before the first iPhone came out. I told him, “make sure it has GPS, I want to carry less things around with me!”. So now, I could wear a watch which was my phone, allowed me to make some types of payments, listen to music or the radio, send and receive texts and which charged without wires, and I could choose a suitable headset according to what I was doing. No phone, no wallet, ability to incorporate credit cards, passports, driving licences (if only the authorities would get behind it) and access to all my music content anywhere. Wouldn’t you buy one? If you tipped anyone to make one, given the technology needed, wouldn’t it be Apple? They have what it takes to do this, even down to ownership of the technology. My order is in….

  • Jewelz808

    With technology now days anything is possible! Smaller I-pad…might as well stick with the touch. As far as my I-phone 4… I just love it! No problems with it so far.

  • Rikimaru

    I think the iPhone 5 will not come in Jan 2011 because Apple believe that it has no issue. May be it is a little tweak of the hardware but everything else is the same.

    iPad mini is unlikely too. But I wish they made it.

  • Paul

    I did not go for the present iPad because it is too large and bulky for a my backpack when I hike or travel, but I would definitely buy a 7" mini iPad which would serve as well as an improved replacement for my Kindle Reader. I email with no problem on my iPhone 4 so, unlike others, I see no problem doing the same with a mini iPad.

  • joejoe

    I think right now we have too many version of everything, one upon a time our life was happier when we just have a phone at home now we get stress for a drop call. Thirst for what’s next will ultimately destroy human.

  • Apple lover

    I wouldn't buy iPad mini Cause I'm quite pleased with the big screen I currently have
    I think the iPhone can be released early, but this way apple will lose the majority of it's customers and they will not be very pleased when their iPhone 4 has an improved one In no time. It might be a rumor though, like the white iPhone which now no one really knows when it will be released

  • JoeSchmoe

    My company has a lot of sensitive information, so they undertandibly frown upon us having netbooks or internet access at work. Nevertheless, having a smartphone is permitted. I would love to have a slightly smaller ipad so that I could essentially argue that it is just a "big iphone" and surf the web during my breaks. Obviously, I would never use my internet access to compromise my employer's info and I am a loyal employee, but common…

  • Mike R

    No I won’t buy the I-Pad Mini.Yes I think Apple has to release the I-Phone5 early to start regaining possitive press.Remember the I-Phone-1, 2 Months later they dropped the price incurred some rath but moved right along.

  • Marty

    There will definitely be an iPhone 5…I don't believe it will be in a few short works but by this time next year, it will be a big topic of conversation. As for the iPad Mini, we'll just have to wait and see…

  • RMW

    Both rumors are ridiculous. The point of the iPad is to have the bigger screen and iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple will call it) will be released in June 2011 – there is no issue with the iPhone 4 antenna, there is an issue with people who are not intelligent enough to hold a phone like a normal person.

    • Sami

      "There is an issue with people who are not intelligent enough to hold a phone like a normal person"

      you're an idiot.

      • cls

        no hes not he is correct i have not had any trouble with my iphone 4
        people were not either setting them up as a new phone and restoring them as a back up which messed up the algorithms for the iphone 4
        there are no antenna problems with the 4 if you dont believe me go watch apples press conference for july 5 i think it is and it will show that it is not just the iphone 4 that drops bars when you grip it like an animal but blackberry curve, android phone, and one of samsungs phones…plus he mentioned the 3gs and 3g did the same thing too.

      • Ble

        RMW is right. Like holding the phone the right way is so hard? If your not willing to hold the phone the right way at least get the free bumper. Seems like hes making since and your the idiot.

    • 09JGOPGS

      Only a die hard apple fan alien with 3 fingers would say that. Have you been living under a rock since the apple wwdc apple had a whole press conference because of the antenna problem.

    • Tom

      You need to define " normal person " since there only monkeys out there

  • Ira

    I finally have something big enough that I can actually see a web site or read / write an email or text message or document on.
    What's the point of shrinking it back to small?
    As long as the present sized IPad is still offered, I would not buy a smaller edition of it.

    • sonyavading

      If this one would land on Verizon (CDMA Phone) Then it would be a welcoming surprise. New leaks suggests that it would have an amazing payment system with your buddies without using iTunes! After the iPhone 4 Impressions