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White iPhone 4 Delay Update: Rough and bent frames

Since the iPhone 4 was released in June many consumers have been holding off purchasing one until the White version is released. However, Apple keeps putting this date back due to a number of unforeseen problems. We have heard so many excesses now for the delay, the latest is that the frames are bent and rough, making it hard to assemble.

This latest rumor comes from WhiteiPhone4Now, they have a few images on their website to support this theory. However, do not fear, as it seems as if this manufacturing fault has now been solved and that production is up and running again.

We are not certain how much truth there is in this latest update to the whole White iPhone 4 saga, as IntoMobile says, these images “can be easily photoshopped.” We have to remember one thing though; there is so much demand for the black version of the fourth-generation iPhone that it could be backing up the manufacturing process of the white models.

There are those out there who would not want the white version, and I am one of them. I just think that they can start to look old too quick. Alan Ng has been covering the White iPhone from the start and recently published an article saying “White iPhone 4: 10 Reasons Not to Buy.


  • RMW

    The story doesn't hold water – the white iPhone frames are exactly the same as the ones used on the black iPhones. If there was a frame manufacturing problem it would have been delaying the black version too.


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