The Sims: Medieval – Release Date Info for PC and Mac

By Jamie Pert - Aug 4, 2010

EA has recently revealed details regarding their next addition to their Sims life-simulation video games, this game will be called The Sims: Medieval.

At the moment EA are only planning to bring The Sims: Medieval to PC and Mac by Spring 2011, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually ends up coming to other platforms later on.

In The Sims: Medieval you will be able to play as a king, queen, knight or wizard etc, you will then be able to take part in magical quests and crafting etc.

Other quests will see you search of the fountain of youth, heal the sick, trade goods, protect the kingdom from evil and do pretty much whatever it is that you want to do in medieval times.

Source: SoftSailor

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  • who ever!


  • amie

    cant wait till i get this game hope its as good as it seems (yn)

  • nicky

    From Nicky

    I cant wat for it !!

  • kickback

    i have the game and it was more amazing than i expected;:D

    only problem is that after the tutorial i exited the game for the night and started it up for an hour ago and now im stuck in build mode or something and im afraid that i must start a new:(

  • simsluver

    im glad tht they are making a sims medieval,im sooooooooooo happy they r making medieval sims bc i like sims and i like medieval and now SIMS MEDIEVAL.ive seen commercial,videos,and images for this game and im now interested and im other words I CANT WAIT

  • simsluver

    right now i looked it up and it looks exciting but if u rush them there will be so many glitches.i wish that for the sims 2 that they would have an expansion pack for babies.they hav spies,merchants,priest and etc sounds exciting and the witches on this game arent green like they wer on the sims to

  • rafas

    My girlfriend already told me to give her this game. can't wait for the release

  • Dimitra

    Hey guys jcap01 is right calm down because IF its not what you ll be expecting for you ll be the only one to blame! I want it desperately but I can wait for the best game ever!!!!

  • ANN


  • brianna lewis

    i cant wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vampire1863

    i love sims & i love the medieval times so them both combined is perfect. someones got to help with the vampire pronlem here though

  • Megan

    GIMME! NOW! Must… Have… Sims… Medieval… Right… NOW!!!

  • Ascha

    Can't. Wait. Must. Have. Sims. Medieval. Now. 😀

  • jordan

    Pre-ordered <3 if you order now you get a free bonus pack from ea games. Happy simming 🙂

  • Isabella

    How much does it cost?

  • libby lu

    does anybody know if its only on PC or is it going to come out on other game systems like PS3 or XBox?

  • jcap01

    You have to stop hurrying EA to release their games. For God's sake calm down, you hurry them up, they hurry up and release it for ya and then you go all complaining that it has glitches and bugs or is boring. Give them time to see if they do a good job on this. Give it time, have a life and wait for it meanwhile.

    On the other hand I have high hopes for this new series and it looks pretty awesome. I hope EA does a good job on this and doesn't leave us wishing for more.

  • blabittyno


  • trappistine

    ever since the original Sims, i always downloaded anything medieval that i possibly could. in Sims 2 i had a completely medieval neighborhood. i've been hoping for this game since the first game, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! i'll have it the first day. can NOT wait.

  • guest

    I want this SOOOO much

  • enemiesproductions

    I want medievel NOW!

  • Low

    In other news Xbox 360 sales increase 88 percent .