Microsoft’s New Mystery Product: What Is It?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 4, 2010

Microsoft have been teasing something new that they have in the works, and thus far we only have two photos showing what it could possibly be via their new Twitter account — @msfthardware.

The two photo’s have been revealed only one corner at a time, but the guys at PC World have pieced together the pictures of the top secret product, that is thin, black and rectangle-shaped. The word “Microsoft” is printed on what appears to be the bottom back side.

Microsoft are even getting cryptic about what the product is, by releasing this sentence: “Don’t be so touchy… flat is where it’s at.”

So using these clues, we wonder what the heck this thing actually is. In the list of possibilities are a Microsoft Phone, due to the photos actually looking like a smartphone, and the company recently talking about its Windows Phone 7 platform, which is currently in the works.

Other suggestions are a new Zune, a new Tablet, which Steve Ballmer recently said they would be working on as an iPad competitor, and a Touch Pad.

For all we know, it might not be any of these devices we have suggested. But if its not any of these, what could it be?

Source: PC World

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  • riy

    Probably WP7… interesting

  • zee

    hmmmm………funny, right after they announced their deal with arm…..nice.