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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Firepower Pack Hits Xbox 360 and PC

Mass Effect 2 is by no means lacking in big guns and satisfying explosions, still, if you’re already tired of the existing arsenal, consider checking out the new ‘Firepower Pack’ add-on available now on Xbox 360 and PC for 160 Microsoft points / BioWare Points ($2).

The DLC adds three new weapons to Commander Shep’s locker. The first is a ‘hand cannon’ type weapon, called the Phalanx, it hits hard and comes equipped with a laser sight, for the less than accurate gamer, the other two weapons are the Mattock heavy rifle and the Geth Plasma Shotgun.

Like all DLC, this Firepower Pack is something that we gamers want, cool new weapons for every occasion making Commander Shepard even more powerful than ever before, it’s great to see continued support of Mass Effect 2, since it was originally released in January 2010.

Xbox 360 gamers can add the Firepower Pack to their download queue here.

Is the Firepower pack worth buying?

Source: JoyStiq



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