Kieron Williamson $200,000 Paintings: 700 people wait list

By Peter Chubb - Aug 4, 2010

Whenever a seven-year-old child comes home from school and shows of a painting you have to pretend that you know what it is and smile and say that’s nice. However, the parents of Kieron Williamson do not have to lie, as their son is creating masterpieces that have fetched over $200,000.

Williamson who resides in Norfolk, U.K., has been dubbed “Mini Monet” by the British press as he shares the same impressionist style. According to JENNA BARNES from ABC news. All 33 paintings sold in just 27 minutes and managed to fetch $236,850.

Art collectors from all over the world came to the Picturecraft Art Gallery and were outside the doors waiting for them to open, a few were even camped outside for two days – just showing how popular these paintings are.

Collectors now await a new batch of paintings from Kieron, and there is said to be a 700 people wait list, which will only help to push up prices even more. These collectors must know that the child is very special and his work will become much more valuable as he gets older and better.

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