iPhone 4 Jailbraking: 5 Reasons To Use JailBrakeMe

By Jamie Pert - Aug 4, 2010

Jailbraking your iPhone has always been a bit taboo, but with the new release of JailBreakMe the whole process has become easier with more and more users intrigued to find out if it is worth doing or not.

First off, JailBreakMe is a program that previously hacked into your iPhone when it was connected to your computer. Now, JailBreakMe exploits a flaw in the Safari web browser’s PDF viewer that gives it access to all of Apple’s locked polices and securities.

We will go more in depth with this security flaw in a later post, but for the time being we will give you 5 good reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.

Access to T-Mobile GSM Network – One of the biggest issues of the iPhone is the fact it is locked to AT&T, who have exclusive rights to the phone until 2012. With all the issues that the network are experiencing lately, jailbreaking your iPhone will give you access to the T-Mobile network which works abroad and could potentially work much better depending on your area.

Jailbroken iPhone Applications – There are a cool list of jailbroken iPhone applications out there. Mainly access to Cydia is granted which is an entire network of non-Apple-official applications. Links to these apps can be found here, here and here.

Jailbreaking Made Easy – Jailbraking your phone has never been a faster or simpler process. If you want to do it, I’d recommend doing it now as it will be sometime, if ever that it will ever be this simple again.

FaceTime Video Chat Using 3G – FaceTime is an incredible app for those of you who like video calling. Where as the application only allows it to work over a Wi-Fi network, jailbraking your iPhone allows you access to some software which will enable you to use it over a 3G network. Nifty!

Don’t Like Jailbroken iPhone? Reverse It – Even if you don’t like the fact the phone is jailbroken, the process is reversible. This can be done by selecting the “Restore in iTunes” options when you connect your device to your computer and sync. This process may not work after iOS 4.01.

Have you used JailBreakMe to jailbrake your phone?

Source: PC World

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  • eno

    I just bought iphone4, sadly I can’t jailbrake it because it is in the newest version. Can you help me solve this problem without downgrading it? Please I need help.

  • Adrian baxter

    Hi mate great work only thing is iv updated my iPhone to 4.2 and can’t download it will thier be a jailbreak for 4.2 anytime soon cheers mate