iOS 4.1 Beta 3: iPhone 3G / Second Gen iPod Touch dropped

By Peter Chubb - Aug 4, 2010

The iPhone Developer Program never seems to stop updating, now we are on iOS 4.1 Beta 3, and although this is good news for some, others will not be happy. The reason for this is that iPhone 3G and the Second Gen iPod Touch has been dropped.

Lets not worry too much, as those with the older devices have not been experiencing many issues. Those of you with an iPhone 4 will be pleased to know that Apple is pushing hard and an update to iOS 4 could be ready to download shortly.

Beta 2 was made available just over two weeks ago, so shows that Apple has started to push their program much harder in the wake of all the problems surround their latest iPhone. We hope that Apple has been able to resolve the proximity sensor issue, and the robotic voice that some owners have been complaining about.

Chris Ziegler from Engadget informs us that this build is called 10M2308, but this is not of interest to most – what they want to know is, when will iOS 4 be available for the iPad?

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