Free Citroën DS3 on Facebook via Google Street View

By Peter Chubb - Aug 4, 2010

If you ever want a new product to get off to a great start then what better way than to offer a competition on Facebook. This will give your product the publicity it needs on a far greater scale than ever before, all because of the reach of social networking.

Ford did this not so long ago with the unveiling of the Explorer, and offered Facebook users the chance to win one in the U.S. Now those in the UK can get in on the action by entering to win a new Citroën DS3, with three up for grabs.

The competition will be done in three rounds, the first has already passed, but now we are onto the second. You will have to be like Sherlock Holmes though, as you will need to visit the Citroën DS3 Facebook fan page as well as Google Street View.

Each day you visit you will be given a new clue on where to find a piece of the DS3 – once all four pieces have been collected you will be given the final clue as to where to find the entire car. For more details on this visit the Facebook Citroën D3 fan page.

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  • Yvonne Billington

    DS3 Sounds like a play station but, has even more fun then any play station I know of.

  • Winner :-)

    I won the car!!

    Picking it up tomorrow!!