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Facebook For Android Receives Upgrade

Android’s Facebook application has always lived in the shadow of its iPhone counterpart. So it was about time a fresh update was developed and released, and that is what has happened.

The update brings far more functionality within the app, which includes the ability to view videos and also being able to respond to friend requests without being thrown out the browser.

If you are more concerned with photos and videos uploaded by friends and relatives, there is a new media reel which showcases all their latest photos and videos.

Viewing events and RSVP’s has also been added to the new Facebook app. The new homepage even lets you drag the ‘Notifications’ draw where you want it to be placed.

You will also be glad to know that the app has been streamlined. So you can update your status with less taps and clicks.

To download the new Facebook for Android application, then check out the Android Market.

Source: Slash Gear



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