Fable 3 Villager Tool: Import Your Character In Game

By Jamie Pert - Aug 4, 2010

On the back of some rather disappointing news that Fable III for the PC has had it’s release date pushed back, comes something rather innovative and interesting from Peter Molyneux, Lionhead and the Microsoft team.

Quickly, before we describe the new tool, I found an article suggesting that Fable III is still very buggy, and the Lionhead team are “working insanly long hours” to get rid of them. Maybe this could be the reason for the release date delay on PC? Check out the article here.

The Fable III Villager Tool has been created for gamers which allows them to create their very own unique villager character.

After asking a bunch of questions, and selecting a gender that determine the characters personality, you then get to choose physical features right down to clothing styles, accent, hairdos and where your character comes from.

After your character has been created, you can do something very cool. Gamers who pre-order Fable III will have the option to upload this character in-game that will present a new quest and a 1,000 gold reward to the hero. Whether you make your personal creation a trusted friend or a defiant enemy is your choice.

But that is not all. The tool will also let you save the character as a desktop wallpaper and can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

How cool does that sound?

The Fable III Villager Tool can be found by accessing this link.

Source: Game Guru / Xbox.com

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  • PherPhace

    Once you pre order, log in to your windows live account and go to the villager creator. When finished, it will give you a code to redeem for download.

  • Jonathon

    I wish I knew because I already pre-ordered it months ago, and I don't remember seeing any code or anything, or getting any emails about it. Plus I would think you would need the game anyway because, if you pre-ordered it, what to stop you from canceling your order?

    • Guest

      You won't get the code until your game is dispatched

  • Brettt

    you need a code to make this villager to u get it once you recieve the game after pre orrdering it?