BlackBerry Storm 3 MIA: RIM keeps us waiting

By Peter Chubb - Aug 4, 2010

RIM held their press event yesterday and we had assumed three things, a new 9800 slider device, more details on BlackBerry OS 6 and a new Storm 3 smartphone. Research In Motion came through on two of those but it seems that the BlackBerry Storm 3 was MIA.

There could be a number of reasons why this is; the first and most worrying is that the Storm 3 could be no more. Why would RIM want to launch a new version when previous versions have not done that well? Also with the release of the Torch 9800 slider, they have killed two birds with one stone.

We all know how much corporate users love to feel buttons while sending emails, and we know that consumers love a touchscreen – the Torch offers the best of both worlds. This has worked well for the Motorola Droid and will no doubt do well for the upcoming Samsung Epic 4G.

There are those out there who will hold on to the hope that RIM will release the Storm 3, but I would not hold my breath for long. Do you think that Research In Motion has abandoned the idea of the Storm 3?

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  • benny

    i like blackberry storm.. but the problem of this phone 1. is the graphics(no good)2. memory” u have to mentioned if its 8 or 16 GB or something like the iphone they mentioned so can choose either u buy 8 or 16 or 32 GB..The storm is awsome design it only failed because the OS failed to deliver.I love touch if i don’t get my complete touch Storm 3 i will simply get an iphone my next upgrade.

  • jimmy

    ummm the torch to me is very ugly!It reminds me of that clunky HTC G1 i owned 2years ago.The storm is awsome design it only failed because the OS failed to deliver.I love touch if i don’t get my complete touch Storm 3 i will simply get an iphone my next upgrade.

  • David

    Well, I just googled around about the 9800 and my two concerns are met; more than 128 MB app memory and ability to place shortcuts on home screen. There is 512 MB App memory on 9800 4x more than I have on my Storm 1. That should do for me as I do not use many apps, but I do read alot and do not like using the current "bookmark" system. I am holding out for the storm 3. I would buy the 9800 but I am not switching to AT&T.

    I notice that most of the phone news the past week is all about the new Phones that AT&T is getting. So I supose, we will have to wait for the Storm 3 until, what I am terming as the industry "AT&T Bailout" is completed as they loose the iPhone.

  • Nate

    So the Torch and OS6 was an AT&T partnered event, hence no Storm / Verizon announcement. BlackBerry's been holding their cards close recently, getting media savvy. They waited for Apple and HTC to do their things before launching Torch, and I'm sure they're giving AT&T their "exclusive" time surrounding this product launch before talking about their next Storm device.

  • Rod Wright

    The Storm 2 has progressed to where it's really a pretty impressive device. It beats any other Blackberry hands down. The touchscreen, however, is still weak, sensitivity is just not there. If it were, it would be the best phone on the market. So now Verizon is killing the phone? I think it's because users are complaining and replacement is a big issue. If they kill it they can kill the user's desirte for a better phone. Of course they just might lose the user.

  • Larry

    The other two phones did not do well only because RIM is always behind the times when they create their phones. If they did what they said they would, a phone to compete with the IPhone, then the storm series would do far better. Everyone is just waiting for RIM to compete in the market. They need to bring the storm into the new century and account for added use in the future

  • Puge Henis

    They had better put some Adobe Flash on the new Storm 3 so I can FINALLY watch some good porn!

  • Dr. C

    I have a Storm and have been pretty happy – not as snappy as Iphone but I bought the Storm basically for a phone. The torch looks interesting – but on AT&T?? No way – wonder if Verizon will get it?

  • jacob

    I think this is a lot of speculation on your side… theyll still push out a storm.. tho i would prefer a verizon torch… it would get me off of the google teet

    • Jessie Woodberry

      I think they'll bring a Storm 3 out. A Storm 2 with an extra battery would be fine if they don't . I wish they would make the camera as good as possible though. Its a shame to have a top of the line phone that takes less than perfect pictures and video.