Archos 32 Tablet: Leaked Specs Good, But Small Display

By Jamie Pert - Aug 4, 2010

Archos has previously revealed their plans to heavily impact the tablet market, we have recentlty come across details regarding their new generation 8 tablet which will probably be called the Archos 32.

With a 3.2 inch display the Archos 32 is not going to be a direct competitor to the iPad, however it will apparently be priced at just $150, which may bring it some success.

Full specs have not yet been revealed, however rumors suggest its 3.2 inch display will feature a resolution 400 x 240, other specs include 8GB of internal storage, an ARM Cortex A8, WiFi, Bluetooth EDR and composite video output.

In terms of software and features the Archos 32 should meet most of your multimedia needs, as standard it will run Android 2.1, therefore should offer access to the Android store. In terms of file format support you can expect MPEG-4 HD (12Mbps) , H.264 (24fps), WMV and lots more.

To me this sounds more like a portable media player than a tablet, lets face it what functionality does this offer that an iPod Touch doesn’t?

What do you make of these spec rumors? Worth purchasing or would you just use a smartphone?

Source: SlashGear

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  • iheartarchos

    I love this tablet! The screen is small, but I can watch up to eight hours of videos without it going out on me. The display is amazing and I currently have two movies, an entire television series (one season, twelve episodes), and over six hundred songs on it. I also love the Android aspect. I have many games and apps that I can use whenever and wherever I go.

  • Its literally have the cost of the ipod touch, running Android, a highly customizable and expendable OS.The only complaint here that i see is the screen is too small, but Archos makes bigger tablets.

  • brandon

    they already did make devices twice the size, the archos 5 and archos 7, and it sthe same size of the ipod touch, just the price is lower. It looks pretty awesome if u ask me

  • Tom Jensen

    It's an ill-suited product. The small form-factor means a tiny battery, and running a Cortex A8 @ 800MHz + WiFi means you'd be lucky if you can watch a 2-hr movie on it. Great playback capability for HD, but only 8GB means you can only store 2-3 movies. Also, no HDMI, so any HD movie is wasted on a tiny screen. Web browsing on a 3.2" 400×240 is asking for punishment.

    The list of goes on. It's one of those products that make you scratch your head and ask, WTF were they thinking?

    • Jamie Pert

      Yeah I agree, why not make a device twice the size and concentrate on the things that really matter, who needs HD capabilities on a tablet? we need an intuitive OS combined with long battery life, quick and easy access to social networks, great web capabilities and music/video capabilities