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Top Gun: PS3 Release Date Confirmed

Top Gun is one of those films that will never die, now, 24 years after the 80’s movie hit our screens Top Gun the video game is set to arrive on the PlayStation 3 on August 17.

The PS3 game features seven game play modes two for single and five for multiplayer. The campaign is pretty much an outline of the movie with players leaving flight school to shoot down enemies over the Indian Ocean. There’s also a Horde mode which is exactly what it sounds like to Gears of War 2 fans (fighting increasingly difficult waves of enemies), and standard multiplayer modes like team death match and capture the flag for up to 16 players.

This game will surely be a massive hit just like the film and should go down as one of the great games out there on the Market; August 17 cannot come quick enough.

Will you be flying into the danger zone?

Source: JoyStiq


  • PS3wannaBe

    I hope that this game is better than the last Top Gun games to come out since the original on NES.


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