Solar Tsunami: Cell Phone and GPS Interference Expected

On Sunday our Sun went through a plasma injection stage, the last time this happened was eleven years ago. This plasma could hit Earth on Tuesday and will put on a beautiful light show when it hits our natural magnetic shield. There are fears that this could cause interference with our satellites, so we could expect a few issues with GPS systems and cell phones.

The huge explosion can be seen on this 25-second video below, you can see plasma being discharged. The last time I saw something like that was on the movie ‘Knowing’ – but I am not saying that the ending will be the same.

The plasma ejection has a 93 million mile journey to reach earth and has covered that distance in just three days. There is a fear that such an event could destroy our satellites, but it looks as though this is not powerful enough – well let’s hope not.

The Telegraph has been talking to Dr Lucie Green, she said that there were two events on the sun that day, and if both travel at the same time to Earth, which means that the effects will last much longer and northern lights will be much lower in the sky.



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