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RIM India: Blackberry monitoring of email and messaging

Today is a big day for RIM, as they will be holding their press event at 8.00 am PDT, we recently wrote an article offering details of the live blogs for the event. We expected a lot of news and rumors to come up for the buildup to the event, but we were shocked to learn that Research IN Motion India were to allow their BlackBerry service to be monitored in the country.

There has been a great deal of fear in India offer national security, so RIM thought that the perfect solution was to offer them the technical codes that they use for their corporate email services. Consumer emails will also be opened up, and RIM will develop new tools to monitor chats on BlackBerry handsets in six to eight months.

Devidutta Tripathy from Reuters reports that either RIM India nor the Telecoms Ministry were available for further questions. Tripathy points out that this news comes just a day after threats by the United Arab Emirates to cut the services of BlackBerry users after they were unable to access encrypted data.

India had also raised is concerns like UAE, but were not likely to impose a ban. This has certainly caused some pain for RIM as their fantastic security for emails has been a big selling point for corporate users. RIMM shares were hit yesterday after the UAE news, which fell by 2.7 percent yesterday but then recovered to just under a 1 percent.

Today’s press event is likely to help RIMM share prices bounce back up, especially if a new BlackBerry 9800 Slider is revealed.


  • Paul

    Governments want to spy on us. Companies make it easier to destroy our right to speak to others (does India want to record the conversations I have in a cafe with my best friend?).

    For RIM: This will push people away from your product.

    For Governments: There are plenty of other tools out there (PGP, GPG, TrulyMail, etc.) which allow us to communicate without you being able to spy on us. Not all companies will cave as RIM did.


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