RIM / BlackBerry BlackPad: Tablet Specs and iPad Competition

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 3, 2010

Back in May bbleaks.com said “The BlackBerry Tablet Is Real”, which was confirmed by their “connect” at RIM and followed rumors of the company ordering 8.9-inch screens via Hon Hai. In the last week we have seen more information flowing online, which included news of a BlackBerry BlackPad release date and a new BlackPad domain name.

Can RIM’s “BlackPad” tablet compete with the Apple iPad? ZDNET points out that BlackBerry had an advantage in the Smartphone market before Apple stepped in with the iPhone, and we know how that turned out.

This time Apple has an iPad already proving a success, and with RIM coming after Apple with a Tablet, can they still have a big slice of the tablet pie?

Bloomberg comments on BlackPad specs, and claims the device will have a 9.7-inch form factor, and points to some iPad killer features. The BlackPad could have the ability to tether with a Blackberry Smartphone, and may include front and rear facing cameras.

Reports suggest the BlackPad may not support a cellular option, but BlackBerry users may not find this a problem thanks to the tethering abilities. Would you prefer a built-in cellular option?

The image on this page is just a mock-up via bbleaks.com

We expect the BlackPad to cause problems for Apple, but more so in the corporate world. Cheaper Android-based tablets may cause a pricing problem for the Apple iPad, and all this can only benefit the end user. RIM will need to get this right, and their stock price really needs the help this year.

What do you expect from the BlackBerry Tablet aka BlackPad? Do you see the iPad as a big problem for RIM’s plans?

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  • mykl

    i only hope its as good a product as the original blackberry was, and I hope they do make a tablet for comericial enterprise use possibly for use with AutoCad Sketch sure would help my business. The Ipad is a slave toy,

  • ann

    I love my blackberry, cant wait to see what this device does.

  • Doofus

    Oh yeah, this is going to be competition for iPad..NOTT….by the time they pump this unit out there will already be a second generation iPad just waiting to burst onto the scene. Alsoi, what a terrible mockup, I'm no computer programmer but you couldn't have at least changed it up from the iPad a bit???

    • ann

      Dude, really give us blackberry people a break. I wouldnt own an apple product to save my life. I work with people who cant even get reception with their Iphones in the breakroom, while I have full bars on my blackberry. Just stating that I have full faith in this new product.

  • Bora

    Cobolt is it's real product name…

  • Biff Spiffington

    I think you are SPOT ON with the subliminal negative connotations that “PAD” brings with it. How about BlackPax or Blackpon? Or for the dainty folks out there…how about Blackliner? Its just a good darn thing its not a Redberry!!!

  • bob

    Blackberry user for life, they should have the bbm on the Blackpad too. rim needs to step up !!

  • New to RIMM

    Get rid of the "pad" in the name – women don't like it!
    White is a friendlier color than black.
    Maybe call it a Whiteberry?

  • Tim

    Its not actually going to be called the BlackPad. Its a joke by RIM.

  • Would they have called it something else if Apple hadn’t called theirs the iPad? BlackPad doesn’t sound very nice. Maybe BerryPad? Or why not just name it something entirely different like BlueBerry? If you call it somethingPad from the start you’ve pretty much already conceded that it’s a me-too product.

    • Good point really, I rather like the sound of BlueBerry, would be a much nicer choice!

  • Hopefully, the company will hear the opinions of the netizens. So this tablet won't become a vaporware. Blackberry Pad Things You Don't Know

  • BlackBerry and BlackPad represents quality like black BMW's, Mercedes or a Rolls Royce. What's weird about that? Everything else are mere followers of tablet or mobile inventions….

  • yara

    Once again Apple show that great design trumps hundreds of features every time. well blackpad, its a little weird, why not change to some other name? i like the ipad, and especially watching movies on the go with the ipad, only to note that ipad didnt support flash, and thanks to aneesoft who enables me to watching movies on the go and give me some insight on how to install flash on ipad.

    • Kio

      Amateur user alert.