PS3 Move Will Outsell Kinect for Xbox 360: Survey

By Peter Chubb - Aug 3, 2010

We have on a number of occasions discussed the Sony PS3 Move and the Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360. I have been accused of being a PS3 fanboy, but I have just been stating what has been reported about both devices. I feel that I might get attacked again when I report that a recent survey shows that the Sony motion-sensing device will outsell the Microsoft counterpart.

The survey was conducted by the website, and from the 2,000 gamers asked 23 percent of Xbox 360 owners said that they would purchase the Kinect, compared to 64 percent of PlayStation 3 owners saying that they would consider buying the Move.

77 percent of Xbox owners believe that the price of the peripheral is too expensive, which was always going to factor into things. Dan Howdle from NowGamer also points out that only 19 percent of Xbox 360 owners were happy with the titles coming out to support Kinect.

Do not get me wrong, the Kiinect does look a fantastic system, it is just the price that seems to be its mains issue. Which of the two would you purchase?

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  • leo

    I like what eveyone is saying. I agree with everything everyone has said.(It's their own opinion) I find that MS might not have gone to the right place with the kinect. As did PS3, they only made it so that they would have an extra edge over the WII-seeing how it has the WII controller with reacts with the motion sensor. I've owned both the XBOX 360 and the PS3, I got rid of my PS3 due to the fact that the online (for moder warfare 2 would always crash). I kept my XBOX360, due to the fact that the game on the XBOX360 overpower the PS3 games in everyway. The PS3 graphics are more-or-less the same as the Xbox360. I find that the XBOX360 was made for family games,FPS games, and any other game type you could think of. Whereas the PS3 is mostly based for driving games. Overall I find the XBOX 360 better or more paowerful than the PS#. Leave comments or reply to what I've said. I love hearing what white knights have to say. Thank you, Leoo 😀

  • RoadShow

    Kinect will fail hard as it is a step in the wrong direction. 360 is about shooters, well can't shoot without a button.
    Also every demo I've seen is inaccurate and has no good games on it.
    Move is much more accurate, can do kids or hard core games and definitely can do shooters/race cars.

    This is yet another example of Xbox failing. RROD, RDOD, Scratching disks, pay to play, pay to stream, pay for every little thing you get from xbox.

    PS3 – blu ray, free online gaming, best/true exclusives (360 supposed exclusives available on PC), internet browser, streaming netflix or whatever service, best motion controller which can handle hardcore and kids games.

    PS3 gives 100 times more for the money and is much more reliable.

    Xbox is a scam in my book, all the way back to Halo 2 for PC. M$ made that Vista only to push their new OS which obviously everyone thought sucked.

  • dirk

    ah like always xbox will drop kenicht in 2 months the price the always do that and if it takes to sell more the will drop it serius the playstation is alot expensiver if you know you have to get 3 controllers 50 each to play with 4 people and play is like 250 euro while with natal or now kenecht you only have to buy the 150 euro thing. by knowing microsoft the will rule over it yust like the games play gonne have 3 games and xbox 69999 yust belief it if people see you dont need a controller it will sell like hell yust to how look i got some new stuff not yusst like eye toy. xbox 360 are hardcore gamers they pay and are like k playstation are more like hmm what game is there? we need somthing new no new games>_<


    KINECT ADVENTURES which bundles with Kinect pre order sales are at 100,000 with 10 weeks until launch, so things are looking very good for Kinect.

    SPORTS CHAMPIONS which comes with the MOVE bundle(USA ONLY, demo disc for Europe) has only managed to pre order 24,000 with only 3 weeks until launch and is not even in the top 20.

    Intrstingly Gran Turismo 5 launches the same month as Kinect and Kinect is now getting higher weekly pre orders

  • Anks

    PS3 move can always be upgraded to do what the Kinetic does… so in that regard, PS3 has far more potential…

  • marhorn

    If I can pick up a stick and use it as a lightsaber in game I will be happy! I aint showing anyone this so called true potential because it's there for YOU to see. Just use your imagination! And no Kinect hasnt got the best line up of games for launch, but you can bet your ass that they already have something special in mind!

  • Waldo

    Kinect might fail because….

    You cant play FPS games with Kinect so no Gears, Halo, L4D, (so thats 90% of 360 owners already out). Lets face it Halo and Gears are the primary AAA franchises that have sold the 360.

    But thats not what Kinect is about. It's new tech and as such needs new game genres.
    Microsoft now need to come up with new games that break the mould and they need to be thinking fast or Kinect will tank before it has chance to get settled in. If MS can get Kate & Milo working (I know the demo was all scripted), they might have a hit.

    Personally, I'd say combine Kinect with the 360 controller somehow and bridge the gap until better Kinect games appear. I know it defeats the original purpose of Kinect, but tbh there's not a lot of shining software for Kinect at the moment. Thats not to say there's a whole trunk load secretly in development.

    And to all those screaming 'Kinect has way more potential' how does it? Sell me a game idea. Show me this so-called true potential.

  • marhorn

    Kinect has way more potential than move! End of story!!!!

  • Dweller

    You know what really tickles me about this?

    Sony has always had a big box with everything included for a big price. Microsoft has always gone for the building block approach. Here we are with Move and Kinect and they have swapped roles. M$ has the big expensive all singing all dancing Kinect and Sony has the slow bleed product.

    I think its like launching a new console.. All depends on the games

  • Steve

    Uhm, Glen Larson, how is Move more expensive than Kinect? Move is £50 including camera. Kinect allows two players so Move x 2 = £100 (don't give me tracking 4 other players as playing the game). As M$ are so keen to tell us, do the Math. And before you accuse me of being a fanboy I've got both consoles, the 360 is a decent console but Kinect is too expensive and the games look weak.

  • derek

    "The survey was conducted by the website, and from the 2,000 gamers asked 23 percent of Xbox 360 owners said that they would purchase the Kinect, compared to 64 percent of PlayStation 3 owners saying that they would consider buying the Move."

    23% said they would purchase kinect vs 64% saying the WOULD CONSIDER buying the move. clever writting

  • Uhm, If you plan on playing with more than one player the Kinect is the less expensive of the two, I wonder if the people being polled were aware of this?

    • Nick

      ..and if you plan on playing with more than two players on Kinect – you can't.

      • Waldo

        Thats true, Microsoft earlier touted 4 players, but even if it worked, you'd need considerable space.

  • low

    The rabid fanboy is at it again.

  • Genesis gamer

    Based on what i've seen and know of video games (2 decades of playing), the Move will outsell the Kinect based on pricing alone and the fact that the people with wii's in their household or have enjoyed thi Wii will want to play the Move. In a casual gamers eyes the Move is Wii updated and gf/kids/wives will want to try it out and play with their siblings/dads/spouse.

  • Homer

    So if the current xbox 360 guys are not casual market, why are current PS3 guys casual market? I thought xbox and PS had the same markets?

    • rick

      Kinect is 95% for casual, Move is about 60% casual 40% hardcore market. the Ps3 doesnt have a larger casual market that makes the Move more appealing, But the Move appeals to both markets which is why more people are interested.

  • Max

    You proved all who said you are a Sony fan boy wasn't wrong.
    it's called casual market,can you understand?guys who play just for fun and don't care for many things.
    of course majority of current X360 owners will not buy Kinect because it designed for those new guys (casual market,remember?). or anyone else if you want to make a survey about Kinect go and research in casuals or those that waiting to buy a console at the end of the year.

    • John

      It's quite the opposite. In all reality the majority of Xbox 360 owners are more core gamers who want to play an online shooter. Most people enjoy the violence. If you go to any Gamestop and look at their 360 section, other then sports, music, puzzle and racing (which is about an 8th of the selection granted), every single game includes violence. For less core gamers, the "casual market", they are not looking to spend as much money because they are not as interested in investing so much money into something that they might not use all the time. Most casual gamers either have a Wii or are just starting to look into the Xbox 360 or PS3. Why would they want to drop another $150 when they just payed for the system. The demo's of Kinect lately have been showing how glitchy it is being anyway, such as the demonstration over in the East or the Macy's demonstration. The only title that I have seen work is Kinectamils(SP?). The Playstation Move on the other hand is $100 for a working game, the PsEye, and a Move controller. Every single demonstration I have seen on Move has worked exactly how it was supposed to, the only downfall is it being too accurate in some cases such as Tiger Woods 11. This article doesn't prove that the writer is a Fanboy, but shows that he gave a logically reasoned thought on why people might not want Kinect.