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PS3 Move Will Outsell Kinect for Xbox 360: Survey

We have on a number of occasions discussed the Sony PS3 Move and the Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360. I have been accused of being a PS3 fanboy, but I have just been stating what has been reported about both devices. I feel that I might get attacked again when I report that a recent survey shows that the Sony motion-sensing device will outsell the Microsoft counterpart.

The survey was conducted by the website, and from the 2,000 gamers asked 23 percent of Xbox 360 owners said that they would purchase the Kinect, compared to 64 percent of PlayStation 3 owners saying that they would consider buying the Move.

77 percent of Xbox owners believe that the price of the peripheral is too expensive, which was always going to factor into things. Dan Howdle from NowGamer also points out that only 19 percent of Xbox 360 owners were happy with the titles coming out to support Kinect.

Do not get me wrong, the Kiinect does look a fantastic system, it is just the price that seems to be its mains issue. Which of the two would you purchase?



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