Pet Food Recall Expanded: List and UPC codes

By Peter Chubb - Aug 3, 2010

Last week Procter & Gamble Co. had to issue a recall on some of their dry pet food range, they have since expanded that recall to include some specialized and veterinary pet food due to a risk of Salmonella contamination. The products affected by this recall will have the dates July 1, 2010 to December 1, 2010 on them.

Some of the pet food products involved in this recall include a range of Eukanuba foods, as well as Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas. All of these pet foods in the expanded recall range are sold in the U.S. and Canada; no wet foods are affected by this recall.

According to Food Product Design, the recall that took place last week warned those who had purchased the 5.5-pound bag of Iams Veterinary Formula Feline Renal could become infected with Salmonella if they touched the pet food and did not wash their hands afterwards.

It is advised that the elderly, children and those with immune system issues should not touch the food at all. For a list of these recalled pet foods and their UPC code visit the Iams website.

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  • Shari

    If you are pet owners you need to check recallson line of pet food and find manufacturers that do not put garbage in their food. Vets do not have the answers because most of them were trained by Science Diet, and Iams for a total of about 8-12 hours on nutrition for pets. Look into foods like Fromm and Acanna along with raw food companies. I get my raw food from a company out of Indiana that delivers to me. The food looks awesome and smells fresh. I mix it with Fromm or Acanna for a fresh healthy meal for my pets. Quality food will cost less because you have less waste and do not need to feed as much. No corn, wheat or soy and no by products used as fillers. This all equals healthy pets with less trips to the vet. It is a win-win situation for pets and therir owners. The raw food I use is from My Pet Carnivore and they can be found on line. Don't let raw scare you,check it out and do some reading.

  • dianna

    to look into the eyes of your beloved pet… could you think of someone putting spoilage into the feed that is being fed to the pets we save a buck or add something to see how long it takes for pets to show ill effects.i say make your own because these companies will not chang. have they yet?and, i will not allow my pets to be lab rats. and will not make them rich to kill my pets in what they eat. it makes me sick to think from 2007-2011…. still recalls and 1 is too many. all companies who has recalls should be put out of business. end it now before it is your pet!

  • dianna

    what a shame the very thing that should be keeping a pet alive … is taking their life. greed!!! make your own pet food…. i will not pay anyone to kill my beloved pets.they depend on not just our love and trust …. they can not speak up and say how they feel we just know when something is wrong….. sometimes too late or with effects to shorten their life.these companies over and over keep doing this to … our pets . they need to be out of business.for good!

  • Animal Lover

    iams = Animal murderers, NEVER BUY IAMS!!

    • dianna

      it is ashame that the food to keep pets alive …… is killing beloved pet's. i never buy pet food i make my own and had my beloved goldie 20+ years. doing the same for my new ones one is13 1/2 years youn and 7 years

  • Petlover92

    thats not what I saw on youtube people bashed you guys saying that you guys torture animals and shit by cutting their meat off their legs and using it in the food whats worse is that the animal that was tortured is left to die from either infection or some other controlled issue. I don't have any dogs but I do have one cat and from what I saw on youtube concerning Iams I'm never buying your food EVER and I'll make sure anybody out there in my family knows the dangers as well.

  • Bev

    EGH, I work in Consumer Relations at Iams and I have checked with my teammates here. One of our veterinarians is in contact and currently having conversations with a veterinarian in Salt Lake City. If your veterinarians are not currently in conversations with our veterinarians, would you (or someone from your clinic) please call us again us at 877-340-8823.

  • ATH

    I had very, very good and fast remediation on the part of Iams. I had bought two bags of Multi Stage Renal two weeks ago. I called them last week and I got a refund check yesterday and a separate apology letter. Perhaps you are calling the wrong number at Iams?

  • kaiakur

    Iam and Eukanuba have never been "premium' pet food in my experience. Any pet food companies that use meet by products are simply junk.

  • EGH

    In our vet clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah that fed this batch of food, sixteen cases of salmonella have been reported. Iams completely denies that their food was responsible and will not return phone calls.