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Keep Your MacBook Cables Tidy: Stick-On Cable Organizers

A great solution to keep those trailing MacBook cables tidy is now available with Stick-On Cable Organizers. They have been designed to supplement the MacBook but can be used with any other device that uses many cables.

The organizers have soft rubber pads that can grip up to five small or medium size cables keeping the area tidy and free from clutter, and can be attached anywhere with the double-sided adhesive backing. They work great attached on the edge of your workstation or desk, or on the back of your computer or monitor.

The company newPCgadgets also provide a range of iPad accessories, and the top selling Comfort Base for holding the iPhone or iPod Touch, the Laptop Smart Feet to raise the MacBook, and the Accessory Pouch which attaches to the back of the MacBook.

Stick-On Cable Organizers come in a pack of two for $12.95. To see the company’s other products click here.



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