Jailbreakme Not Working: Problems Increase, Alternative Wanted

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 3, 2010

Yesterday we reported that JailbreakMe 2.0 was not working, and users were reporting a few problems with the iPhone / iPod Touch jailbreak software. Today it seems the problem is bigger than first thought, with user complaints increasing, and some asking for an alternative to JailbreakMe.

Some people are posting their recommendations, which include “NOT” to jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G, saying it will “only make your OS slower”. Over on Phones Review the complaints have increased too.

Some of those trying JailbreakMe have said “I can confirm that the jailbreak is not working”, and the common problem was nothing happening after they slide the bar to jailbreak, one user said “I slide the bar then nothing happens just a pretty picture of the universe”.

Others say they slide the bar and it appears to be downloading the software, but then “the site closes immediately after downloading”. This could be the demand for a download, and they might not be handling the traffic. Some users are not worried about the download, and more interested in what issues they may expect after the iPhone is jailbroken.

The official site at jailbreakme.com says the JailbreakMe is reversible, and that the software is “legal in the US” thanks to a “DMCA exemption”. Read more on the official site about this and other questions.

Are you still having problems with JailbreakMe?

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  • will

    jailbreakme.com worked for my ipod touch 1st gen with 3.1.3 firmware.. hope this could help the ones using itouch 1g.. just load it on ur safari and enter jailbreakme.com, then install it, easy as that….

  • This sucks. I went to JailbreakMe.com and slid the bar but it just showed a picture of the purple universe. Sometimes it takes me back the page where it shows the apps. And now today which is December 1 of 2010 it shuts my whole iPod touch 2 generation off when I slide the bar to jailbreak it. It’s 8 GB. I got it from a friend who I don’t see anymore for free. I don’t know anything about it but that it’s 2 generation. I need to know if it’s my firmwear or not that is wrong so other people coment to keep me updated.

  • ole

    Did you mean you are mentally retarded than others? It only works for some people because the server cannot cope with the demand of jailbreakers.

  • Rich-e

    I had used this jailbreak before and it was ok(had some problems) but then when my friend tried to use it the ipod crashed and went back home. Then he tried again and his ipod turned off completely and never turned back on again.

  • mr.man

    jailbreak me is supposed to work for 4.1 or at least thats what it says on the site and yet when i go to the sight it says my ipod is too new and needs to be downgraded to 4.1 and my i pod is already 4.1!!!! jailbreak me is messed up.

  • Andrew

    Can someone help me. If it works does it shut off and turn back on or what happens my ipod keeps shutting off when i try to do it. What happens when it actually works

  • hhaso

    I download it fine but, now no signal. Can anyone help i am so desperate. Please


  • Konner

    I can’t even slide that thing that says slide to jailbreak

  • ge3

    shame! and it's and "ipod touch".

  • meee

    worked first time then my itouch got stolen… im trying it now and everything works fine. if anyone needs help downgrading from 4.0.2 to 4.0 email me at dpaquette01@hotmail.com

  • jailbreakme does work. I tried it on my itouch 2g MC model and it worked fast and easy BUT after about 1 week or 2 my iTouch started lagging bad and also crashing alot. I mean more than is acceptable. I restored and am waiting for new ios4 jailbreak for MC model.

  • Brad hacker

    When i jail breaked with it it wouldent leave safe mode no matter what so i had to restore my iphone and had to take the upgrade now im waiting for a jailbreak for 4.02

  • Mack

    What site I can't browse on my iphone because its stuck at the "no sim installed screen"

  • tyler

    finally its up and running again

  • NastyNate-88

    currently config reserve page displays for our beloved jb link. "The owner of this web page has not put up any web pages…. blah blah blah…." hoping that this is a sign that shortly A new link on a new Debian server will soon be available???? fingers crossed

  • Sara

    Jailbreaking and downloading from cydia is not a problem for me at all, it's when i sync it to itunes that everything crashes and goes in to SAFEmode and never comes back. I have tried to restore it and do the whole jailbreak thing all over again but as soon as i sync it, it crashes. I have tried it THREE TIMES now and it's getting annoying.

  • ishq2020

    hi , i am new here and was reading all the possibilities to solve the problem, i have different problem with my IPHONE 32GB 3GS, whenever i put Activate SIm to activate the Iphone, it works well , i mean the software works well, but when i open the safari to launch the http://jailbreakme.com it says '' Not Found *( error to origin)'' , kindly help me out from this problem. i cannot even install cydia to unlock it… thanx in advance, for reference i m telling you the date and time at the moment…… today date is 16/08/2010 and the time is 21:40 GMT..

  • Tony

    I got message “oops! Files received was incorrect” when try jailbreak my iPhone 3GS. Anyone has any resolution for this?

  • Anthony

    Jailbreak me has got to be the most simplest jailbreak I have ever seen. It is flawless. I have jailbroken 2 iphone 4's and 6 iphone 3gs and 1 iphone 3g. These website is great. People love their jailbroken iphones and no complaints. If your thinking about jailbreaking your iphone or ipod touch, then you should really use jailbreakme.com

  • Rikki

    Ok now its startin to piss me off why does it work for some but not for other people iv been tryin for 4 hrs now n still no luck !!

    • James

      looked elsewhere and been told that its the website itself, and that for the last few hours it hasnt been working for anyone… hopefully it will be back up soon, let me know if you have any luck, tried finding alternatives too… there dont appear to be any 🙁

  • Rikki

    Why is jailbreakme.com and jailbreakme.modmyi.com not working

    Im on a 3gs running FW 4.0.1

    Iv tried deleting all history cashe and cookies iv reboot 9 times and it still keeps saying file received invald …. Any help please

  • kaey

    i tried both sites and after i slide the bar it just goes to the homepage, helpppp ?

  • Mike D Money

    ok…I jailbroke phone then did a restore then tried re-jailbreaking….It didnt work. Then I did a master reset…..(holding power and home until it turned off)…..restarted then went to jailbreakme.com ….bingo. Worked again. Thanks all!!!

  • JMcC

    I had trouble installing until I used Safari Browser.

  • Eric

    You have to download the firmware first. Then use the control button when you click restore and pick the 4.0.1 version.

  • Thomas

    I have iphone 3gs 4.0 and this will not work. When i run the slider it switches to a purple screen then back to app menu ??? any body got any tips

  • MajorBulk

    If you try to restore your iPhone and then use jailbreakme, iTunes will restore to factory settings AND update to software version 4.0.2….which jailbreakme cannot do 🙁

  • MajorBulk

    If you try to restore your iPhone and then use jailbreakme, iTunes will restore to factory settings AND update to software version 4.0.2….which jailbreakme cannot do 🙁

    Is there anyway to keep software version 4.0.1 ?

    • Thomas

      Go and find the 4.0 or 4.1 ipsw . I got mine off piratebay.org . Then when doing a retore press the shift key then hit restore then you can load the 4.0 ipsw. might take a couple of time to get one working . Or look on youtube will show you how to do it

  • MajorBulk

    Yeah, slide bar not working and no glowing "slide to jailbreak" effects either

  • Kay

    Hi the new 4.0.2 is out so i cant restore and jailbreak again. Help

    • BBB

      You will have to search google for iPhone3,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw and download it. Then when you are on iTunes. Hold down the 'Shift' key while clicking on the restore button on iTunes. When you do that, a window will appear for you to search for a restore file. Just point to the file that you downloaded above.

      That should be it. Good luck!

  • Blake

    The slide bar won’t even work

  • Shane

    Yeah what happened on my iPod touch 2G 8 gigI got it downloaded cydia, and tried to download winterboard 6 times, but it wouldn’t work, I finally got it to work but winterboard wouldn’t work and would give me a weird dock,I tried rebooting and it got stuck in an endless loop of revoting with a weird green line on top.I got freaked out  and eventually got it to restore on itunes,I’m never using jailbreakme.com again.Cmon geohot, give me blackrain!!!!

  • Im trying to jailbreak my 3gs but jailbreakme.com is not allowing me to “slide to unlock” any suggestions?? So far i have restarted, reset and restored the phone and nothing…

  • JHH09

    jailbreakme worked fine on my touch 3g, the site didn't work tho when i typed in the URL, but it work when i googled it :S

  • JJS

    I had a problem with the 'installer' crashing when I tried to jailbreakme.com using both of my alternative browsers, 'incognito' and 'vanilla surf'. Then, to my surprise, it worked fine and easy using safari.

  • Reza

    Hey, I have a second gen (MC) IPod Touch. At first it was not working. It just kept crashing. So I restored and then it worked perfectly fine on mine.

  • James

    after jailbreak me and doing the ultrasn0w stuff i get "different SIM " message and the phone reverts to "connect to itunes"screen what might be the problem?

  • sam

    when i jailbreakme.com everything was work good but if i turn the phone of and on there is dead pixalation on screen any one notice that please email me samrdavid@yahoo.com how can i fix that , please help !! can some one out there help me

  • Petey

    @lance: I did 4.0 on monday and updated to 4.0.1 and it would not work. I did what you said and restored it. It worked great!!! Thanks man you are awesome!!!

  • Lenny81

    Has anyone experienced problems replying to emails after jb? I try to reply to an email now and mail just closes, anyone have this problem?

  • iLos

    @lance: I followed your instructions and it worked great. Thanks!

  • iPhone 3GS



  • James

    Jailbreakme does have some problems however it isnt the jailbreak that makes your divice slow its the software you get from cydia. for example I got what is called Features for ipod 2g which unlocks multitasking and wall papers. it now runs slower than normal but still works. Also Ive jailbroken my device 2g mc model twice and there was no "Traffic" both times it worked and only took about 2-4 minutes.

  • iLos

    How about you restore your iPhone today and re-JB. See how your foot in your mouth tastes…. Jailbreakme.com is down at the moment. I JB'ed my phone on JB launch day TWICE, no problems. Used MyWi and My3G and the worked great for two days. I even tried out FaceTime on 3G and worked like a charm. Yesterday FT crashed and I ended up restoring. Now I can't seem to JB again.

  • lance




  • crashdave

    i have the same prob, had jailbreak last night. updated to 4.0.1 and now it wont work, i get the installer crash message. so do we just wait ? is it the site and traffic or is it the 4.0.1 update i did?

  • hrr

    I had just update my phone to 4.0.1. I made my donation. I wonder when the jailbreakme.com side working again. I slide the switch a lot of time. Please let me know the way to fix it. Thank you.

    • Reza

      You don't need to make a donation to get it, you just go to the page on your phone.

  • lance

    yes Adrien follow my previest post for steps on how to fix that problem.

  • lance

    OK the only way to re-jailbreak it iphone with jailbreakme is by restoring the iphone to factory settings if you have jailbreak before with the same tools but maybe wanted to up to 4.0.1 like myself it will not jailbreak.. all you get is the jailbreak download but then Safari closes instead of jailbreaking.. i spen numerious of methoids on trying to figure the problem. A simple reset or cookies etc and numerious other methoids mention on my previest post will not work. You must restore iphone in itunes to 4.0.1 and before restoring your settings go to the http://www.jailbreakme.com website and jailbreak and will give no problems. now just reconnect to itunes and restore apps, settings etc.. Hope this help whose that have Safari close right after it finish download.

    • iLos

      Thanks for the steps, it worked!

  • Tottih

    same problem here update to 4.0.1 and now jailbreakme wont work

  • Lance

    reply to NotWorking: same problem here dude and i beleive its because the phone thinks its already jailbroken but its truely not since i also when to 4.0.1 after jailbreaking 4.0 now it just downloads and closes. i tr the secound link and did the steps recommended but no luck still.. I try, delete all cookies, history, all 3 options for safari and even rebooted phone and yes i had safari shut down and remove from task. no luck, also try to reset network settings and clear history from safari again still no luck.. will try to reset all settings and clear cookies etc, if that doesn't work will try to restore phone to manufacture settings before they patch the hack and no signarutes avail to re-install ios 4.0.1

  • It worked for me, Cydia on desktop, I have 2 notifications on the Cydia icon which looks like there are 2 updates to software. How do I get Cydia to download the 2 updates and get rid of the 2 notifications on the icon?

    Also, I downloaded the PDF Loader Warner, now my apple clock pops that warning when I use the clock

  • Robin

    I upgraded to 4.01 and then went to jailbreakme.com afterwards the safari icon was missing. Even after I restore back, it's still gone. What does this mean? Anyone help.

  • Gainer

    I used Jailbreakme.com yesterday on my iPhone 3Gs iOS 4.0.1 and everything seemed to work find. Cydia was installed and for the first few hours had issues connecting so I chopped it up to the servers being very busy. Once I was able to get into Cydia I found the site very slow and sluggish.

    I downloaded some apps from Cydia and then I noticed that the Apps I previously downloaded from iTunes stopped working. I deleted them from my iPhone then synced with iTunes on my computer to reinstall them and all hell broke loose.

    The iPhone was very slow at responding among other issues so I decided to reset it. Using the "Erase All Content and Settings" option. The iPhone ended up stuck in a reboot loop.

    I ended up having to having to completely restore it to the factory settings through the iTunes app. This sucks as I just lost everything, but I was able to restore from one of my backups that did not include the Jailbreak.

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? or is it simply just the Jailbreak program I had issue with?

    • jimy dean sausage

      says on the jail break website no higher than 4.0 read the instructions!

  • Sarb

    I would sugest please do not use jailbreakme… it makes iPhone slow… yes… i mean slow and some time non-responsive for a second or two…. Navigon is not working on it…

  • adrien

    I was able to jailbreak on 4.0 then i decided to update to 4.0.1 and It hasn't work since. anyone else having this problem?

    • keneree

      I'm having the same problem. Hoping this will be fixed.

    • johnson & johnson

      same here!

    • rich

      you need to jailbreak again. I did the same

    • Gainer

      You have to re-jailbreak every time you upgrade your phone's iOS.

    • Nunes

      I had the sane problem reported for Adrien. I jb my 3GS with IOS 4 and everything worked well. After that I decided to upgrade to 4.0.1 and, when I tried re-JB, the download finished and nothing happened. Anyone solve this problem?

  • Fo_5th

    Cydia is effin awesome.. Chalk another iPhone 4 up for being jailbroken! The download failed the first time for whatever reason but i tried again and everything worked as advertised.. Im sending my token of gratitude now…

  • Pauly

    I jailbroke an iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch last nigh, all first try. I upgraded the IP4 to 4.0.1 tonight and went to reJB it and it gives me the OOPS…. installer failed message…. The very same phone it worked on last night!!

  • ddd

    For me, it was working fine until about halfway through, when it said it was finished. I refreshed an it said that the installer failed?

  • Natty

    Works fine on my iPhone 4 and my 3GS but will not jailbreak my iPod touch.

  • NotWorking

    It’s not working for me either. It worked the first night but I upgraded to 4.0.1 and lost it so I’ve been trying since. I know it’s not my firmware or device cuz everyone else is saying it worked for them. And to people who say they’re retarded cuz it won’y work for some, fuck off and eat a cock (intended to this Reese character). I hate when people get theirs to work and then say everyone is retarded. You don’t know me and I feel your dumbass comment is aimed at people like me. Fuck off and enjoy what you got bastard.

    • Hackbot

      Hey man I read ur comment and the reason it’s not working for u is cuz u updated to 4.0.1 comex says jailbreakme will NOT work on anything over 4.0 I got his Twitter telling us not to update past 4.0 sorry dude for now u have to wait or try to downgrade back to 4.0

  • Matthew

    I was able to JB it using Jailbreakme without any problems. I just had to wait a minute for it to JB my iphone and done. so I don't believe it's the software.

  • JS

    After much deliberation yesterday, I decided to take a leap of faith and use Jailbreakme.com and to my surprise it worked!

    I slide the bar and a minute or two later I had complete freedom. I am using a 3GS and I have had no bugs or issues so far. There have been reports of features not working after the JB, but everything is working 100% for me.

    I might want to add I used jailbreakme.modmyi.com when I did if, however I think it redirected me to the regular site. For everyone having trouble, try and wait until late at night for traffic to decrease or just hold out a few days, I’m sure it will be back up and working soon.

    • iModder95

      Same here, except I didn't use the alternate site. The alternate one is the same exact website, except on ModMyi's server. My iPod touch is better than ever now…THANK YOU COMEX!!!

  • santiago

    jailbreakme worked fine for me, any problems!

    • aaron

      it worked for me but now my phone wont reach service or ssm the jailbreak worked but now i cant call out!!

    • jono

      hey my ipod crashed after using jailbreak me

  • Wediafom

    I was able to JB in the first try. I have an iPod touch 3rd gen 32 gb mc model. Mine was already JB with spirit 3.13, so I upgraded to ios 4.0 and regailbreak using jsilbreakme. It took me less than three minutes to JB last night, the second fast JB tool after spirit. However, I have noticed that cydia and installous were/are very slow to load. Nonethles I am lucky. Thank you to comex and all the dev team. I am donating soon:)

  • NIck

    Try using this url: jailbreakme.modmyi.com
    It is the other website and will probably work!

    • matt

      uh i tried that first and it dusn't download it just goes to the universe picture

    • Harold

      …you noob its the same website…

  • dznutz

    just did it worked fine for me, auto installed software to benefit me too!

  • Anon

    it isn't not working…. i think a server might be busy…. you will be lucky if you had jb ur device using jailbreakme right now…

    • iModder95

      I didn't even know these issues were going on at all, I had absolutely no issues jailbreaking my iPod touch 3G the night of the release date. No symptoms whatsoever…

    • andrew

      just try again i got it on 3rd try

    • Arjun

      dude try iit now, the site wont work??

    • O_b Whit

      YO EVERYWUN I FIGURED IT OUT. AFTER THE "http://www.jailbreakme.com/" url put qq

      so it looks like this "http://www.jailbreakme.com/qq"

      WORKED FINE ^__^

      its a little known tweak

    • ipodinmypants

      I hav etried to do it like at least 20 times, each time it is either just going back to the ipod home screen or restarting the ipod… ? HELP! (:?

    • mr.man

      my i-pod is version 4.1 and jailbreak me is saying that it works for 4.1 but it still says my ipod is to new and i need to downgrade my ipod 2 4.1 but my ipod already is 4.1