Fable 3: PC Release Date Delayed

By Jamie Pert - Aug 3, 2010

We have some bad news for PC gamers looking forward to Fable 3, while the Xbox 360 version of the game will be released on October 26th, the PC version has been delayed and will be released on a yet to be determined date.

The company would not say how long PC gamers will have to wait to get their hands on the game, however we expect to hear something about a release date soon.

This delay is also annoyance to Microsoft as the PC version of Fable 3 was originally meant as part of a big push to boost the profile of Windows 7 as a gaming platform, let’s just hope it is worth the wait.

We will do our very best to update you when we hear of an official PC release date, for more information check out the source link below.

Will you wait for the PC release of Fable 3?

Source: JoyStiq

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  • haha

    microsoft is a nazi!

  • cowl

    That's it i'm not waiting on them any longer.

    they wont give us fable 2, they delay fable 3,

    well they can take their game and shove it.

  • Derp >.<

    Ahahahahah cant any of you see dane was a troll no need to spaz out

  • Josiwe

    Microsoft's gaming division is managed separately from the software division, and their standards for release products are extremely high. I suspect that, like the previous game, Fable 3 is full of bugs, and Microsoft is holding Lionhead's nuts to the fire with the contract they signed to clean it up for PC release. Hence, the delay, and hopefully a better end-product.

  • John

    hey incase u didnt know there is a pc version of fable 2 lost chapters cause i have it

    • Mr. KnowItAll

      Nope. That's "Fable: The Lost Chapters". It's the PC version of Fable 1. There isn't a PC version of Fable 2.

    • itsme


  • Dean

    Chances are, they will create DLC or an expansion first and then release the PC version simultaneously like they did with TLC. This will give them more time to tweak the game to make PC controls easier to use, and ensure the graphics are up to standards. Plus, more people will be interested in buying the PC version then, because they will see it as getting the DLC or expansion included free.

    Also, the Xbox 360 IS essentially a PC in a box, it has RAM, Motherboard, CPU, Video Card and Software like any PC – but the OS is just made differently and the games are engineered to run directly off the disk instead of requiring installation.

    I will only be pissed off if they decide to release the PC version as a Steam dependant game.

  • Crabsign

    So how much longer do we have to wait for the pc game?….Anyone??

  • Ron

    I think the real reason for delaying it is 1 of a few options, 1 Knowing people are waiting for Fable III the PC users will get impatient and buy it for the xbox, so than they make more money due to the fact you have to pay to go online. Or 2 just completely don't care about PC gamers anymore, but considering that their console is terrible, I'd put more money into the PC gamers that make their games stay alive. Plus you can't fit everything on the console versions…. do the game justice and release for PC users the same time of your terrible crappy console. My two cents.

  • Rob

    The problem is that the common misconception is that the 360 is just a console shoved into a box with a different UI.
    It is not.
    It is an entirely different machine, which works completely differently. The base code of the game must be rewritten so that it can be played on the PC instead of the 360. I don't know how many people here know about coding, but re-coding an entire game from 360->PC would not be fun, or quick.

  • VanGota

    Windows xp IS windows 7 and windows vista smashed with windows nt or windows 2000, there is no diffrence besides windows 7 actually creates less svchosts.exe because it puts more programs into one instead of making 50 svchosts.exe to slow down ur stuff… now if u cant run a game in windows 7 that runs on xp better, use the compatability tool and it will run perfect I have the ORIGNAL doom and wolfenstein on my windows 7 ultimate… so enough complaining this isnt about windows its about fable… and probally a politcial argument… as usal cant wait for PC version dont want on 360 barely play it anymore not enough time for my pc and 360. sux on delay though and no your wrong windows xp 32bit can use up to 4gigs of ram no more, windows xp 64 bit can use 8gigs only but vista and windows 7 at 64bit can run 8+ gigs.

  • guttsx

    the only an main reason pc is delayed is because ppl will download it and wont be forced to go online in game, hence 360 if u connect xbox live with dloaded game u get that account banned, they wanna get the most pay out then release pc game ten bucks cheaper a couple months down the road because they expect ppl to just say fk it and just go ahead and purchase on 360, simole as that…

    • Daniel

      You do realise xbox games are easially downloaded…. right?

  • guttsx

    the only an main reason pc is delayed is because ppl will download it and wont be forced to go online in game, hence 360 if u connect xvox live with dloaded game u get that acciunt banned, they wanna get the mist pay out then release pc game ten bucks cheaper a couple months down the road because they expect ppl to just say fk it and just go ahead and purchase on 360, simole as that…

  • greatgodom

    about xp VS 7, i was told when i bought my pc, that xp can only use up to 2GB ram and if you have more than that, then its just wasted and not utilized. ergo if you have a really good machine, like i do and can run 7, i think its best to do so, otherwise you have ram that just sitting there doing nothing and you might even be able to run heavier games and the only reason you cant, is because xp is holding you back.

    • ltbk

      Technically a normal XP (32 bits) can address up to 4GB of RAM, and up to 128GB if it's the 64 bits version (same for Vista, for 7, and for whatever version comes out in the future if they keep using the same architecture design).

      However, the 2GB limit only happens with 32 bits applications, because that's the max total memory usage that they can address in windows (and anyways I don't think that Fable 3 is coded and compiled as a 32 AND 64 bits application, rather than just 32 as almost every game). So, even if you have a 64b OS and, for example, 128GB of RAM, a 32 bits windows app (game, in this case) will use just 2GB no matter what.

      Long story short: computers have to be addressed as a whole, not just as "top end comp with blah blah blah with this or that OS". There're so many things to take into account.

    • Robert

      Well, you're wrong there =P
      Windows XP can support up t 4 Gb of ram BUT only if it's the 64 bits version xD
      And Windows 7 support 4 Gb of ram till 16 Gb if I remeber it right(correct me if I'm worng xD). That also depends on the bits version of your OS.

  • fable

    i heard that it will maybe not come out its 50% for PC:(

  • Egas

    At least console tappers wont get The witcher 2 assassins of kings :DDD

  • D'Oh

    Im going to post a comment here because i am of the opinion that of the 30 people who might glance over it, at least one will be mildly important.

    • Lester Holten

      ….Quite a statement there dude. I am sure we are all anxiously awaiting your comment…or, was that it? Thanks for the input.

    • Guest

      I feel mildly important 😛

  • Dan

    @Daniel wow you couldnt be more wrong, windows 7 is the greatest windows ever created, you are thinking of windows vista that sucks. Windows vista was one of worst windows to come out. Windows 7 run like a dream i have pretty high end gaming computer and i havent had a single issue with windows 7 yet.

    • Evilxcloud

      lol in late 2011 or early 2012 i think thats when windows 8 comes out! 😀

  • My dog ate my acid

    I heard from hear-say that Lion Head delayed the game for PC to make it "feel" more like a PC game. And not just a console game painted over to look like a PC game. What ever that means? My friend is play Fable 3 right now behind me on the Xbox 360 and the graphics look descent. But if Lion Head is delaying it to make the game run/look better for PC or to keep it up to par with high end gaming PC rigs then so be it (or what you should expect a PC game to look like vs. console game and not just same old same old, oh I can make the shadows look better! I'm looking at you Last Remnant <,<) So I can wait for a few months. And there are other games out that I would to play also…I lied there isn't…DAMN YOU WORLD OF WARCRAFT!

  • KillTheHosers

    first robs right. second. wtf. someone put up something about the delay like "hey its being delayed further TBA due to blah blah…" or "ya amazon says its november 10th" ect. something new. not regurgitated (sorry for bad spelling) bs from a bunch of bums talking about which microsoft OS is superior to which. its not what this is about and does it really matter if someone who thinks different than you plays the game on an os that will be – in your perspective -wrose? no, thats exactly what you want. hopefully the next person to add something will be better than me and put something new about the topic. as for my opinion, i bet the delay wont be past mid november. xbox games are more expensive than pc> more profit. plus they have the collectors stuff coming out. prob just marketing crap.

  • Rob

    just cause the company had plans to release it for windows 7 doesnt mean the game wont work on xp, i have both xp and 7 on different machines so either way once its released i'll play it one way or another, i find both os excellant only problem i have with upgrades is the games i die hard love and have played for years and wish to still play become harder to do as the systems advance. as an example a game that was produced during the win 95/98 era works great on my xp system but i can install but not play it on my win7 system. this could possibly be due to my less then stellar abilities and unfamiliarity with win 7 but i'm more inclined to think my game is completely unsupported and incapatible with new system. one question tho? how come games arent being pulled off shelves to be revamped for new os. they were built with xp in mind yet they still sell em instead of reprograming them?? i think xp users will be able to play fable3 with out all the troubles i've been reading on this page

  • nora

    like somebody already said same old,same old,they put out a release date and then change it on the spur of the moment,what's new

  • Brian

    And to those who are whining about how windows xp is the best and how they are never going to change need to open their eyes. From time to time windows comes out with a new operating system just as xbox or playstation come out with a new console. I hear people complain all the time about how the new operating sytems are so expensive but they dont complain when they spend upwards of $400 on a new gaming console? It doesnt make sense. Perhaps vista was a mistake and it sounds like it was but I dont know for sure because ive never owned or used Vista OS in my life. But I can assure you that Windows 7 is better than XP and hell if you cant pay a little over a $100 dollars on a new operating system I doubt your computer can even run Fable III.

    And to Imagine all of this came from a 17 year old…… It doesnt take a genius to use common sense

    • Matt

      I think the only thing the online community will ever agree on is that Vista was rubbish. However i wouldn't say windows 7 is better than XP. Im a support techie so i know all the in's and outs of XP which makes running it and working with it much easier for me, but as i see all windows 7 has over it is "usability". When i say that what i mean is they have made it easier for the average and even new user to work with more advanced options and the such. However Windows 7 does eat up your machines resources alot faster than XP used to. Just because someone decides they prefer running XP dosnt mean that their machine isnt able to run Fable 3, its just personal choice. I myself duel boot Vista (i know its bad, but i refuse to pay out for 7 and need vista to play certain games due to microsofts greed) and XP which run perfectly on my machine.
      I see where your coming from with the consoles being computers with a different operating system (and from a technical stand point you are correct), but a console only runs one task at a time which means it can make better use of its resources (which is pretty impressive when you see what the xbox 360 has inside it). However i truly do agree with you that pc and console games should be released at the same time and that they should have cross-console online play (at least between windows and xbox, i cant really see sony and microsoft "joining forces" for a better gaming experience). I still play shadowrun on my pc and on my xbox (and play with friends on both platforms) and there are no issues with connections. Perhaps it just didnt take of due to the unexpected flop that shadowrun turned out to be (though i have no diea why, it is a truly amazing and unique game)

  • Brian

    Im glad to be seeing a shift of popular console games being released on PC, but its becoming a slower and more painful process than I hoped it to be. A console is nothing other than a computer with its own operating system if you ask me. For example, The consoles are popular because everyone that has an Xbox 360 has the same hardware so game designers know thier boundries. This is good because all the latest games are compatible with the system everyone has but at the same time there is little room for growth of more "high-tech" games. I just recently bought a laptop that can outpreform any console in a heart beat (MSI GX660R if you must know), so while console gamers can play the latest games the PC gamers should be able to do the same. Its simple release games, at the same time for PC and consoles and let online play be cross-console (for example with the new call of duty black ops game i should be able to play online with other xbox and pc gamers in the same game).

    • JizzMonkey

      i just had an ultragasm reading that last line. but microsoft makes u pay so i dont think they will get along.

  • James

    I'm so sick of companies delaying games. And this one is the worst because as of just a few days ago it was announced as released next week. How do you make this announcement just a few days before you it was supposedly going to be release. Sooooooo ridiculous!!!!!

  • James

    If you dont you dont want to get rid of xp or you are uncertain of 7 then just dual boot its what i do. some games run better on xp and others run better on 7. Personally i didnt want to change from xp to 7 but eventually decided to try a dual boot a few months back and to be honest its really good definately a step up from vista and in my opinion on par with the usablity adn ease and stability of XP but just ahs more tweaks and options.

  • Anonymous

    fable 3 is coming on 29 not on 26.)

    • ThatGuy

      26th is the release date for North America, 29th is the European release date

  • Becca

    I have windows 7, works great. I was looking forward to playing Fable III on the first, then a couple months later I would borrow the xbox game to compare. Now I will have to buy both of them, cuz im NOT WAITING for my brother to finish playing on xbox or for the PC version to come out!

  • mothhoba

    Ughh I hate having to wait for PC release dates…not very impressed with the delay. However I’ll more than likley pick up a copy for both xbox and PC to see the difference in gameplay and graphics quality.

    • eViLe_eAgLe

      The pc graphics will most likely be better (If you have a good graphics card) Xbox's have limitations.. Computers.. Almost do not have any..

  • joe arron

    Damn its to bad some people have their heads up their asses about windows 7. I spent under $600 upgrading, and I have never been happier. windows 7 runs like a dream on a system built for it. I tried going back to xp, and missed the tweaks of windows 7. even now I have a dual boot setup, and have not launched xp in weeks. if you think windows 7 sucks, your system, or possibly you technical compitance just suck. Can’t wait to play fable 3, and I will probably get it for console and pc, just so when my girlfriend is sucked in on the 360, I can play on pc. glad they decided to make a pc build, to bad about the delay though.

    just as an after thought, if the cost of windows, or the cost of upgrading is to much, why not just get a console. an arcade is only 150, less if you get a gamestop referb.

    • Dnas

      Dang straight! i baught a NEW computer MADE for Windows 7, June '10, iv tried them all, this one actually is Pretty good! no issues at all.
      Upgraded the vid card to a 1 gig, no compatibility issues, tho the card was made for Vista,
      Runs Every game perfectly. Definitely a step up from Xp for once.
      People *caughs and points to previous posts* need to learn to let go and get rid of their Junk systems and stop complaining because the Maker of said Operating systems decided to move forward and drop the OBSOLETE out of date OS's Like XP is becoming, where the hell do you think you will be in 5 years? still using Xp? hahhaha i surely hope not.
      I dont blame MS for not supporting Xp for Fable 3

      This is the way it works folks.
      we'll start from windows 95.
      (not including side versions of OS like millennium)
      Windows 95 is replaced by Windows 98
      which was replaced by we'll say Xp, windows 98 becomes UNSUPPORTED by Microsoft,
      Windows Xp is replaced by Windows Vista. Eventually Windows Xp is going to be in the same spot as windows 98 is. Unsupported.
      Windows Vista is replaced by Windows 7, New tools. New features, New security enhancments (that are actually useful)

      Point of the matter is.. Upgrade ur SH** and stop BIT***** because you cant play new games with old OS's.

      Getting real annoying lol

      • Hmm

        @DNAS My XP 'Junk' system as you called it ran better than anything I ever made with Vista.

        Vista was a horrible waste of resources, with a lot of redundant features. Windows 7 will hopefully be better, as with any new operating system I wait until the major bugs are removed before upgrading.

        What is really annoying is self righteous people who tell us how to run our own machines. What MS choose to support or not is their own business, the more people they support the more they sell, simple math.

        • Doug

          Your "simple math" is wrong.

          What are you paying Microsoft right now? If they continue to support your old operating system, what do you pay them? You're absolutely 100% wrong. If they continue to support old OS' they will lose money. Less peope upgrading. You pay them nothing to continue supporting you.

          Dumb people are dumb.

  • Daniel

    I got windows xp and fuck i dont wanna install windows 7, IT SUX. besides its probably delayed cause it troubleshoots with windows 7 CUS IT SUX. (Ty Atrix). lets hope they get some common sense and get an exp version 2. (like b4 they had games for windows platinum 1995 and xp) when xp was new. Ohai perfect solution right? lets make solo windows 7 games. wow. what a move microsoft srsly. ok i got the solution i'll just dual operation system on my pc. and ILLIGALLY download windows 7. how do you like that huh? i think i just got a boner cus of that. you know even better i'll fucking buy a macintosh

    • kyle

      you must be mistaking windows 7 for windows vista… windows vista was pretty bad, but windows 7 is MUCH better than vista and in my opinion, better than xp.

    • icywater

      Windows 7 is better than the outdate XP. You must be thinking of vista, which is bloaded.

    • carlo

      Who the fuck cares what do you think, yo can't even spell properly. Go buy a mac kid

    • RedeyeJedi

      Yea, you must be mistaken or you're simply ignorant. Windows 7 is a vast improvement over XP and Vista. Also, go back to school. It's clear you need it.

    • Yep

      Go ahead. Buy a mac you apple fanboy. Suck Steve Jobs dick some more why don't you?

    • herp

      Herp derp, windows 7 sucks because it sucks.

      • matty

        wow….you fail

    • tacosauce

      just another child that doesn't know shit for computers ….

    • Daniel

      I agree with Daniel….

      Know why i like XP… cus it works…
      if you're good at configureing it works the fastest
      windows vista sucked…. windows 7 also SUX

      so go f*@ yourself you spelling nazi's

      Ohai from a Daniel in the Netherlands

    • Rorie

      I agree bro, Windows XP is the way. I know my computers, i know my operating systems. and im not a kid. they say ignorance is bliss. makes sense because people are sucked into windows 7 and mac like a tornado. Windows XP had 8 years to be perfected. so it runs way better then anything out there. The new operating systems are resource hogs anyways. stop dissing things you know nothing about. FABLE III FOR XP!!!!

  • SJT

    Same old story

  • Atrix256

    "This delay is also annoyance to Microsoft as the PC version of Fable 3 was originally meant as part of a big push to boost the profile of Windows 7 as a gaming platform"

    I'll bet you 20$ that's what delayed it.

    • Peier Shen

      Wrong, actually the whole point of this delaying fable 3 is basically a setup for windows 8 which Microsoft declared several times that it'll be the platform that "Brings back PC gaming" the whole point they're delaying this because they want more ppl to buy the newer version of windows, Microsoft can gave a crap about the PC populace. I personally played Fable 3 at CES last month, and it works perfectly fine, no bugs nothing ran smooth as butter and that was last month, so i asked one of the people there why is this not ready to be release yet, and they're answer is it still have some issue to work out. The funny thing is little do they know, my dad's friend who is a prominent coder for Disney Games heard the conversation and interrogated the bastard. Conclusion? His conclusion was that it was most likely Corporate MS said we have other plans hold the project back, not because of optimization purposes. If this came as a shock to most pc gamer, I"m sorry i'm a pc gamer too I currently run a Phenom 4x with SLI 2x PNY GTX 260 verison but from all the BS and shitty game i've been seeing lately, the gaming industry really doesnt gave a crap about PC, anymore. That even i have to admit, hence i stop updating my system last year when the fermi came out, whats the point?

  • dedalus.desmo

    i will wait. its gonna be a good game. but i am freakin pissed off at bloody console tappers, who get to play the thing months before we pc gamers do. by the time it comes down to us, we are bloody tired, waiting like sods, and the thing is already old hat.



    • SkullDice

      I'm pissed off too!
      And I can wait, but there is one problem…
      I have Windows xp, and I'm NOT gonna buy Windows 7.

      • smart guy

        thats what i thought but then when i actually bought it, i ended up liking it more than xp

        • Sarah

          Windows 7 is fine, but there are quite a few xp exclusive programs, like bootskin.

          Plus, makes it even harder to play the old 95/98 games, cause they run like chipmunks on crack, man.

        • bigbenisdaman

          really wish it could have been a duel release, now i'm torn to buy it for the xbox so i can play it sooner, or wait for the pc version to decrease load times and increase looks, win 7 is great btw.

  • sturmhimmel

    i can't wait for fable 3 for pc! thank you molyneux and all of LIonhead Studios

  • Nycrea

    I will definitely wait for this games' release, I loved Fable TLC, too bad they didn't make a Fable II PC version.


    • VanStryker

      I would definately wait I love Fable TLC, the game is awesome. Fable in general is a very good series.