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BlackBerry 9800 Torch: UK Release Date Unknown

We knew that RIM were launching a new device today, we have since learned that this device is to be called the BlackBerry Torch 9800. The U.S. version will be released on August 12th on the AT&T network, and we have now learned that the UK will be getting it on the Vodafone network.

We did some searching and could not see a UK release date, but Tech Radar reports that pricing and a release date will be made available soon. Marc Chacksfield from the Tech Radar has located a pre-register your interest page, just like Vodafone did for the iPhone 4.

There are no details on what you are likely to pay, but this should be around £30 to £35 per month on a 24-month contract, this is what we have seen with previous BlackBerry handset. This is the first time that RIM has offered a touchscreen and physical QWERTY keypad on one handset, and even boasts the new BlackBerry 6 OS.

The new BlackBerry 9800 Torch is a cross between a Bold and a Storm device. We just hope that RIM has managed to perfect their touchscreen technology; they have not had a good time of it with the past two storm devices.

Will you register your interest?



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