Beatles Piano for Sale: Expected to reach £150,000

The Challen upright piano that was used at Abbey Roads studios is to be auctioned of later this month. The piano was used on several occasions to make music with the Beatles and Pink Floyd and is expected to fetch up to £150,000 – not bad considering it only cost £250 new.

The Challen piano was used on a few Beatles tracks, one of which was “Paperback Writer,” which was one of my favorite tracks from the British band. Reuters believes that the same piano was used on a number of Pink Floyd tracks that featured on two of their biggest selling albums.

The piano had a long life at Abbey Road Studios, which started back in 1964, and was then retired in the 1980s. Stephen Maycock, a consultant for auctioneers Bonhams said that although it is hard to know what tracks the piano was used on, they can identify certain Beatles tracks – it’s the Pink Floyd ones that they have trouble with.

The August 15 auction will have a range of other items, which you can read more about one Reuters.



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