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Apple iTunes Cloud Launch: Not if but when

Apple shared with us their intentions to offer an iTunes Cloud based music service – although they have not offered us any sort of time frame. We know that the company has been dragging their heals, but they do not seem to feel the urgency as the likes of Google does.

We can understand why Apple would want to take their time, Google needs to rush to get their service off the ground as they do not have any such music platform to offer yet, Apple has iTunes – the most successful music service available.

There have been rumors that Apple might not even deliver on their promise for cloud-based access to our iTunes media library, but this is nonsense – why else would they purchase and been working on building a new data centre just for this purpose? It is not a question of if, but when.

The release of the iPhone 4 is proof enough that Apple will offer the new service before the end of 2010. Each year Apple doubles up the amount of storage on its iPhone smartphone, they have left the 16G and 32GB storage choices alone on the fourth-generation iPhone.

This has to be the strongest indication yet that iTunes Cloud is coming soon. When do you think Apple will make the new service live?



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