Apple iPad 2: Camera and FaceTime Likely

By Peter Chubb - Aug 3, 2010

The current iPad was expected to come with a camera, but Apple let us down. We now have high hopes that the iPad 2 – or whatever it will be called – will come with a front facing camera to allow for FaceTime calls. This is according to some recent news posted on AppleInsider.

It seems that a document from Apple shows that they have been looking for a Performance QA Engineer to work on the iPad; they want the person to have a great knowledge of software engineering with technical expertise.

The job listing also ask if they have experience for testing video and audio capture – this says camera to me. Currently FaceTime is only available on the iPhone 4, but it is expected to become a new feature on the upcoming iPod Touch fourth-generation 2010 model.

We have known for some time that Apple plans to offer a camera on its next iPad device, but this is the best proof yet. We do not know when the second-generation iPad will be released, but it could be in Q4 2010 or in January, which would be one-year after the launch of the current model.

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  • Adey

    picture fail = doesn't look very much like a front facing camera.

  • Amyli88

    It will be magical.

    I'll be very glad if that iPad really have a camera, u know, camera and multitasking are the two things I eager to get on iPad.
    haha, if that's really a future iPad camera, means I can take videos free on the go, and enjoy the happy times video everywhere? then I don't need any video conversion tools like ifunia iPad video converter to do the video conversion for me any more? hmm, maybe can‘t make it, I also need the tool to do converting movies.
    Anyway, get the camera, Apple!@

  • Not sure how well face time would work on an iPad, holding it at face level is not an easy task given its size/weight, it would mostly be a conversation between nostrils