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Windows Phone 7 Release Date: Europe before U.S.

Windows Phone 7 is coming, but did you know that its release date in the U.S. would be later than in Europe? Yep, we were shocked to hear it too, but it seems that Microsoft is to offer the new devices in October for those in Europe and November for those in North America.

We are not certain why the U.S. will have to wait one-month longer to see the new OS in action, but Redmond must have a very good reason. Let us look at the bigger picture here though; this is the most precise release date we have from Microsoft so far.

Vlad Savov from Engadget explains that this news was announced by Microsoft COO, Kevin Turner during a presentation he was giving on Windows Phone 7. We recently reported that the first Windows Phone 7 handset would be the Samsung Cetus, more details here.

We also informed you the list of names for HTC phones that will run on this new upcoming mobile OS that will try to compete with iOS and Android, let us hope that it does not go the same was as their two Kin devices.



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