Windows 7 Overtakes Windows Vista Usage In Less Than A Year

This may not be much a surprise to most of you out there, but with less than a year on the market, Windows 7 is already shaping up to be one of the best operating systems of current times.

Netmarketshare have done some research marketing analysis and found that Windows 7 has already passed usage rates of the unremarkable predecessor Windows Vista.

Within just one month of its release, Windows 7 was being used by 4 percent of ‘net-accessing devices,’ something it took Vista seven months to get to.

This just goes to show how much people value Windows 7 over its previous operating system, but still does not reach that of one of its ancestors – Windows XP – which is still used by twice as many users as Vista and Windows 7 combined.

For those who want numbers, 62 percent of devices accessing the web are by Windows XP. Windows 7 was used by 14.46 percent of devices accessing the internet in July with Vista only taking a 14.34 percent of the usage making it the first time a newer version surpassed its predecessor. And with 175 million copies sold since last fall, its really no shock.

Are you still using Windows XP or Vista? Have you tried Windows 7 yet? If you are yet to see the benefit of upgrading, I would suggest that you think about it as it will probably be the best computing decision you would have made in a very long time. Windows 98 –> Windows XP anyone?

Source: CNET



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