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Starcraft 2: Top 5 Cheats

Last week Starcraft 2 was released, therefore it is no surprise to see that people are looking for cheats, if you are one of these people we have some great cheats for you so look no further.

To enter a cheat simply press ‘Enter’ to display the console window, here you can enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. I am going to give you 5 top cheats to help you on your way.

For instant victory type in “there is no cow level”, to receive 500 Vespene gas type “breathe deep”, to Lift the Fog type “war aint what it used to be”, to select a level type “ophelia”, and to receive 500 Minerals free type “whats mine is mine”.

We hope that these cheats help you to complete the game, but be warned that enabling cheat codes will prevent achievements from being earned until a new game is started or a saved game is loaded.

To see all 12 cheats check out the link below. Did these cheats work for you?

Update, a reader is stating that these are cheats for the original Starcraft game, which means our source was incorrect. Here are some other cheats we found, try these out, type “terribleterribledamage” to turn god mode on/off, type “whysoserious” to receive 5,000 credits, type “moredotsmoredots” to remove the costs of minerals, vespene, energy, etc. Finally type “sosayweall” to remove technology requirements.

Source: Freeola



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