Samsung Epic 4G / Motorola Droid 2: Speed vs Marketing

By Peter Chubb - Aug 2, 2010

The Samsung Galaxy S is a strange cell phone, as all four major U.S. carriers will offer their own variant of the smartphone – all with different names. The one that looks set to be the better of the four is the Epic 4G from Sprint, but will have tough competition from the latest handset from Motorola, the Droid 2 on Verizon.

You have to wonder which one will win out, will it be the Epic 4G with Sprint exploiting the speed of their device, or will it be Big Red with a huge marketing campaign. One thing is certain – Sprint had better hope that they would not run short of stock as they have with the HTC EVO 4G.

The Epic 4G looks to be an awesome smartphone with its 4-inch screen and 4G capabilities. This alone will give it the edge over the Droid 2 and its other siblings as well. The full QWERTY slid-out keyboard is something else the rest of the Galaxy S range does not have.

The Droid 2 and the Samsung Epic 4G are both expected to launch sometime this month, we are just waiting for a specific date and price. Which of the two would you choose?

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  • Gina

    What about the battery life of the two? I read one review on another sight that had Droid 2 with 7 hours compared to Samsung Epic 4G with 5 hours?
    How about voice quality on calls?

  • Ashley

    But what about the coverage difference between Verizon and Sprint…

  • Tom

    I will get the Samsung Epic 4G because I am with Sprint already and the Phone seems to be a fantastic phone. Also the any time any mobile from Sprint is the best. I do not have to worries about minutes anymore. I have unlimited data, text, mobile to mobile, GPS, Sprint TV, and 1500 minutes any time (we use 500 minutes only per month) for my family of 5. We pay for 5 lines after a discount, taxes included and insurance for each phone we have of ($7) only $225. It means $45 per line. (the best plan ever).

    I will get the Samsung Epic 4G.

  • Xerxes2010

    FTW = Epic 4G. 4G is the future, Epic 4G is just that, 4G. The future is now, Epic 4G. Bring it!

  • joyost

    Why even compare the two when they’re on separate service providers? Also just because they run out of stock doesn’t really matter. Droid X and Incredible both ran out of stock but still sell. At this point in the Android world it’s expected to have more demand than supply with a new phone.

  • Newey

    I like the epic 4G however it comes down to network choice for me and Sprint doesn't have nearly as good of coverage as Verizon in Ohio so I'm going to grab a Droid 2 when it launches on the 12th



  • Lungcancer

    Epic 4G – fastest graphics processor of all the super phones by far, bluetooth 3.0, super amoled is still the undisputed king of sharpness on screens

  • dman

    Epic 4G

  • Acieffe

    Epic 4G has got my vote.