PS3 Firmware v3.41: HDD Upgrading Problems

By Jamie Pert - Aug 2, 2010

Since the v3.41 firmware update hit PS3 consoles last week, you could almost bet your house, car and kids that there would be some sort of problems and issues shortly after the PS fan base installed their shiny new update.

Within hours, thousands and thousands of you took to the message boards on the web and flooded them with the problems you have been experiencing. The most in-famous being game crashes and freezes.

The problems continue, and now we seem to have unearthed a new problem in the way of HDD upgrading. The problem being that users who have tried to update their consoles with new HDD’s cannot do so and face a ‘no applicable data found’ error.

Sony did infact respond to this and said:

“We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing with upgrading Internal Hard Disc Drive (for PlayStation®3) on your PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system. The information available to our Consumer Services Department does not suggest that this is a problem PlayStation(R) owners are likely to experience when upgrading the HDD with 3.41update. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) strongly supports the quality of its products and backs them with full confidence.

We ask that you update the previous HDD first to see if the update will go through. Then update from the thumb drive that is formatted in FAT 32 and has the 3.41 update downloaded.”

Are you having problems with upgrading your HDD and installing the new firmware?

Source: Examiner

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  • JOhn

    I did the upgrade but now I can't view any blu-rays, is anyone else having the same problem? how can you fix it?

    • Onikaizer

      Affirmative, I have a Fat 60 G machine. Updated without problem. after that i started a game and froze after a few minutes, no way to turn off the machine using the front button. Upon restart, all loaded fine, except there was no disc icon, no sound of the machine reading the disc, blu ray or dvd. Next day i turn it on again, disc icon appears, but when trying to play, an error message appears.
      No red or orange lights indicating hardware issues.
      problem still persists.

  • wikedproxy

    I have a 60 gb lanch PS3. I have not noticed any trouble, but I have stock hard drive. I did notice update 3.41 fixed a video driver issue I was having however.