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Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac: Release date and pricing

Microsoft has today announced pricing for the next version of Office for the Apple Mac, and has revealed it will cost around 20 percent to 50 percent less than Office 2008 when it becomes available later this year.

In an article by Phillip Michaels of it is reported there will be two versions of Office 2011, Mac Home and Business, and Mac Home and Student which will be available to customers at the end of October.

The Home and Student will cost $119 for a single user, and $149 for up to three Macs which includes Messenger IM, PowerPoint presentation, Word word-processing, and Excel spreadsheet. Mac Home and Business 2011 will cost $199 for a single user and $279 for up to two machines. This version includes Excel, Messenger, and Outlook which is replacing Entourage as the mail client.

Microsoft Office 2011 pricing compares to Office 2008 which was $149 for the Home and Student Edition, and $399 for the Business Edition. There will also be an academic version of Office available to higher-education students, staff, and faculty for the price of $99. People who purchase Office 2008 from Monday can register on the Microsoft website and upgrade to 2011 for free.



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