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Magic Trackpad Review: No Game Changer

Apple has been looking for a device that would help to complement their range of touch devices, and believes that the Magic Trackpad is the perfect device for use with the Mac Mini, Mac Pro and iMac. Such a device is already on the market thanks to Wacom, but now it is Apple’s turn.

Joshua Topolsky from Engadget has now spent a few days with the Magic Trackpad and is able to offer a review, so what was the verdict? One of the first things that he points out is that it is no game changer, but what would expect from a device that has little to offer?

Apple did not have to work hard with the design of this device, all they had to do was take the trackpad from a MacBook Pro, make it bigger and then mount it on a smaller version of their Bluetooth keyboard. There is not much to look at; it is just a big pad with a one clickable button under the surface.

There are those who will just hate it, as they like the feel and control of a mouse in the palm of their hands, I was once like that but after a year with my MacBook Air I could not see myself ever going back. It is people like me that Apple aims to target, but as I do not use my Mac Mini that often, I will just put up with the Mighty Mouse for now, and this could be the same story for other users.

Topolsky points out that although the Magic Trackpad is a great design, it will be hard to persuade people to part with $69 for something that they just do not need. Read a complete review at Engadget.


  • Its probably only for heavy professional users.. and also just because it came from apple doesn’t mean it will always be a game changer anyway


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