Kindle 3: Internal Microphone – Voice Control Rumors

A few days ago we revealed the price, specs and release date for Amazon’s latest and greatest Kindle, the Kindle 3, however we failed to mention that it features an internal microphone.

Amazon has kept quiet about the microphone, however one of SlashGear’s recent articles suggests that in the Kindle 3’s user guide the microphone gets a mention, here is the exact extract “the microphone is not currently enabled but is provided for future use”.

This has started off speculation surrounding what exactly this future use will entail, most of which point towards either voice navigation, audio annotations or perhaps some sort of voice call functionality.

I’m sure over the next few days or weeks rumors will continue to spread, therefore we will do our best to keep you informed with what we regard to be believable new functions.

What would you like this internal microphone to be used for?

Source: SlashGear



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