Kanye West & Twitter Makes Coventry Man Famous

Kanye West has only been part of the online social network for less than a week and has amassed more than 380,000 followers on Twitter. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as a man from Coventry, UK has been made famous due to being the only person on the Twitter network that the US rapper is following.

Stephen Holmes, a Kayne West fan tweeted on the rappers Twitter last week and asked him what his favourite toothpaste to use on his diamond teeth was.

With this, West then decided that Holmes would be the one and only person chosen to have him as a follower, therefore angering (or making jealous) the rest of his now 380,000 strong Twitter fan club.

Holmes gained new celebrity style status and received around 1,600 new followers overnight, and now said he feels “pressured to say amusing and witty tweets now.” This sparked a response from Kayne West, who told him to “Tweet strong young man, tweet strong.”

Have you had any major celebrities following you, making you completely and utterly awestruck? Share your stories below.

Source: BBC News



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