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JailbreakMe 2.0: Jailbreak Bricking the iPhone 4

There are a number of jailbreak solutions out there now, but the most recent is Jailbreakme 2.0. iPhone Dev Team hacker Comex was the one responsible for coming up with this latest version, it looks as though it will work with the iPhone 4, and all other models except the original 2G model.

Mark from Phones Review points out that the latest version of Jailbreakme also works on the Apple iPad, but just remember that you install it as your own risk. We have to point this out as Engadget discovered this the hard way and found that it had bricked their iPhone 4.

I4U has a step-by-step guide in what you have to do in order to get Jailbreakme 2.0 running on your device, we just hope that you have success and that you will not have to do a complete restore.

The new jailbreak software has now managed to solve a few issues that the original version suffered from – one of which was FaceTime. We can expect to see more jailbreak solutions becoming available over the coming weeks after the Library of Congress has now ruled that jailbreaking is no longer illegal.

Has you iPhone been bricked by Jailbreakme 2.0?



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