HTC Desire: Orange UK FroYo Release Date Update

By Jamie Pert - Aug 2, 2010

Last week we revealed that Android 2.2 was on its way to European HTC Desires, this was great news considering many were expecting a Christmas release, however was frustrating for others as carrier-specific Desires would not receive the update straight away.

Recently Orange UK’s PR Manager Conor Maples tweeted about Orange’s FroYo plans for their Desire, here is his tweet “We are working with HTC to bring the 2.2 Android update to Desire customers as soon as we can. This process normally takes about four weeks”.

This means that we should definitely see the update in August, however I wouldn’t be surprised if this update arrives in very late August, either way at least we know there is not a huge time to wait.

There are probably ways around this by installing a non-carrier specific version of FroYo on your Desire, however I would not recommend this as it could cause more problems than it is worth.

Source: Twitter

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