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Gorilla Glass Indestructible LCD TVs: $60 extra

The Gorilla Glass that is used on the Dell Streak is to be used on LCD TVs, Corning already advertises that this option is already available, but is yet to be taken up by all the main TV manufacturers. However, it looks as though things looks set to change, and we should see mass production of this tough indestructible stab proof glass on LCD TVs in 2011.

With most things like this there is a price to pay, the Gorilla Glass is said to put an extra $60 on the price of a TV set. There will be a mixed reaction from this, the everyday home will not benefit from the upgrade, but those with kids or have a TV in their bar would be silly not to pay the extra $60.

If you watch the Engadget video below you can see one of their writers testing out the strength of this glass on the Dell Streak. It was painful yet exiting to watch, he stabbed that thing with a pen and there was no damage whatsoever.

Gorilla Glass has been around since 1962, and has taken this long for it to find its market, and according to an AP article on Yahoo News; the LCD TV is the perfect platform to increase sales of this multibillion-dollar business. What other uses would you suggest for Gorilla Glass?



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