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Blackberry Storm 3 and OS 6: RIM Loyalty issues

There is a worry that Android will dominate the cell phone market within one or two years, well that’s what we think if you take a look at the latest stats by Nielsen. This popularity comes at a cost, and that is to BlackBerry, as loyalty of current owners has now come into doubt.

It seems that current BlackBerry owners would ditch the brand in favor of Android thanks to the number of handsets on all four U.S. carriers. This could deal a huge blow to the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3 and OS 6, which will get an announcement tomorrow, August 3, 2010.

I hear arguments from friends that how great Android is and how well sales are of the devices that run on them, and I just like to remind them of the fact that Apple only launch one new handset each year – so what else would they expect?

Android sales are now at 27 percent of the total cell phone market and the iPhone at 23 percent. More surprisingly 89 percent of iPhone owners say their next phone will be another iPhone, we have to wonder why they will stay loyal and not Blackberry owners?

Maybe it could be due to the fact that RIM does not seem able to move with the times, they have tried with two attempts at the Storm – will the Storm 3 do any better?



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