2011 Chevy Volt: $20,000 dealer markup

We all know how popular the upcoming 2011 Chevy Volt is, so Edmunds thought that they would contact a Chevrolet dealer to ask if they would be able to pre-order one of these environmentally friendly vehicles. It came as no surprise that they said there would be a $20,000 markup on the vehicle.

Bill Visnic from Auto Observer picks up on the fact that we should not be too shocked by this, as it has been happening in the auto industry for years. GM told the journalist that the interest in the Chevy Volt will be high for the next 2-3 years, and so will exceed output.

However, this conversation took place before we learned that GM were to ramp up production by at lease 50 percent, but we still believe that there will be a shortage – so that dealer will be able to make a quick buck.

GM has said that they will try their best not to allow this kind of thing to happen, but it will be hard to enforce, and as long as General Motors are selling the model in record numbers – maybe they will be forced to increase production further?



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