Samsung Galaxy S: U.S. carrier non exclusivity impact

By Peter Chubb - Aug 1, 2010

The Samsung Galaxy is one of those strange handset, the Korean cell phone maker thought that they were doing something good when they offered it as non exclusivity to the four main U.S. carriers. However, this has had a negative effect as most do not want spend huge amounts of money promoting them.

The Samsung Galaxy S has different names with all four carriers in the U.S, Sprint is to call theirs the Epic 4G, T-Mobile is the Vibrant, AT&T is the Captivate and finally Verizon is the Fascinate. All four will have different design tweaks to each carrier, but all will have that same large 4-inch screen.

Ross Rubin from Engadget believes that it is T-Mobile who has been pushing their version of the Samsung Galaxy S the most, as the Vibrant is said to be the best what they have. The only handset that they have been able to promote in recent months was the HTC HD2, but this has two issues – the screen is too large and the Windows Mobile OS.

Sprint is calling theirs the Epic 4G and will be the second 4G handset, which follows in the footsteps of the HTC EVO 4G. This is the most radical of the Galaxy S range as it comes with a slide-out keyboard. Sprint needs this handset to do well, as they have been hit by delays with the EVO.

The AT&T Captivate is a strange one, as we all know that the carrier has the exclusivity with the Apple iPhone, and this is just another handset to add to that high-end smartphone list. However, the Captivate looks set to be their premiere Google Android handset.

Finally we have the Verizon Fascinate, and this is just another Android device to add to their ever-growing collection. The one thing that the handset has against it is the fact that it does not come with Droid branding. Although the Fascinate has some great features, Verizon will want to promote their new range of Droid handsets more.

Which of the four devices do you think will sell the most?

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  • Guest

    T-mobile (they will spend the most marketing this phone) followed closely by Sprint (The EVO is BIG, and I think the 4" screen is a sweetspot for consumers).

    While Verizon will spend the least amount of money marketing this phone, I think it will resonate well with consumers with fantastic build quality – coming closest to the iPhone.