2010: July Food Products Recall Roundup

July 2010 was not a great month for food recalls, looking back we can see more than what we normally would – the biggest had to be the Kellogg’s Voluntary Cereal Recall. We have covered so many over the month; here we will offer a roundup of what was the worst.

The Kellogg’s recall was due to strange smells that came from the boxes themselves. The odor was that bad that in some cases customers were said to be throwing up. For more details on this Kellogg’s has a FAQ page for worried consumers.

Next up with had the chicken nugget recall after some plastic pieces were found inside the bags. The recall only concerned the 1 lb., 13 oz. bag, but only those with a use by date of June 9, 2011. Read Alan Ng’s post for more details.

The bison meat recall in the early part of July to me looked to be the most worrying, as there had been an outbreak of E.Coli sickness. The U.S. recall involved a range of brands, read the full list here.

These are just a handful of the food recalls for the month of July 2010; let us hope that August is not as bad.



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