Meteorite Crater Found: Google Earth coordinates

We all know how huge earth is, so is no secret that things are being found all the time. The latest discovery is a new meteorite impact crater, which has been found in Egypt. For those who wish to see that Kamil crater, just enter the coordinates 22º 01′ 06″ N 26º 05′ 15″ E into Google Earth and you can zoom right in and view it for yourself.

The impact zone is in the Sahara desert, which lies southwest of Egypt and is thought to be several thousand years old. The size of the crater is 45-meters-wide and is 16-meters-deep and looks to have been created by an iron meteorite.

The Kamil crater was first spotted on Google Earth images back in 2008, and in a strange twist it has come to light that the crater was seen on satellite images in 1972 – 38 years ago. So why has it taken researchers this long to explore the site?

Lin Edwards from PHYSORG explains that the crater impact site has a range of colors surrounding it, which was caused by the many materials that blasted the site. These are known as “rayed craters” and there are not many of them on Earth. You can view an image of the crater on PHYSORG, or type go onto Google Earth and type in the coordinates 22º 01′ 06″ N 26º 05′ 15″ E.


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