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HTC EVO 4G Android 2.2 Froyo: Update at your own risk

We reported to you yesterday that the official release date for Android 2.2 Froyo for the HTC EVO 4G was on August 3, but we have recently learned that the firmware was made available to some today. This was not an official launch, but it was there for everybody to have on the HTC servers.

As you would imagine a huge amount of people went to the server for a manual download and install, but according to Ross Miller from Engadget who learned of this news from HTC via Android Police, HTC has been warning against installing the update.

Those who had downloaded the Froyo for the EVO 3G had to first download the firmware from the HTC servers then move it to the root directory on the SSD card, they then had to start the handset in recovery mode and hold the up button at the same time while turning the phone on.

Once on you then select update from .zip file and then rename it to “” This is certainly a long drawn out process, one that many did not want to try. Do now worry anyway, as the file has now been removed from the servers. Those who missed the worm will now have to wait until August 3rd.


  • Greg

    Audio recording on videos still sucks horribly! They give h264 video (thumbs up for that) but we're still stuck with the miserably poor 8 khz amr narrowband audio? WTF?

  • Worm? That’s just silly.

  • Rick Henning

    The "Craken" has been released!!! Froyo is currently spreading like wildfire on the android forums. Seems someone was able to download the file that HTC had put upon their server earlier and has now made it available to the public for consumption. I have personally downloaded and installed the new Froyo (2.2), and it works deliciously!!! Full flash and a plethora of new features that a welcome Android user base will certainly appreciate. Enjoy the desert!!! I am…:)


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