Harley-Davidson: No more sidecar orders

By Gary Johnson - Jul 31, 2010

Starting way back in 1914 Harley-Davidson has a long history of adding a third wheel to their motorcycles to support a sidecar. But the company has announced the long tradition is now over and next year will be the last that Harley-Davidson will be offering them as a factory option.

Jeremy Korzeniewski of autoblog.com is reporting in an article that the company will be taking no more new orders for sidecars starting from now. All current orders will be honored and Harley-Davidson has said they will continue to provide current owners stock replacement parts, and warranty support.

Other manufactures like Royal Enfield and Ural still offer motorcycles with sidecars for those still wanting a purpose built one. In a statement Harley-Davidson said demand had declined for sidecars since they launched the Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide range of trikes which led to the decision to end sidecar production, but remained a proud part of the company’s history.

Are you sad to see Harley-Davidson ending sidecar production?

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