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BlackBerry Tablet iPad Rival Release Date: November

We have known about the BlackBerry rumors for some time now – well ever since Apple announced their iPad. The rumors that RIM is about to join the tablet game has intensified in recent months due to the fact that every computer brand and their dog has announced that they are to join the tablet race.

The BlackBerry tablet is rumored to be called the Blackpad, and should have a release date some time in November. Christina Warren from Mashable learned from an article on Bloomberg that the tablet device will have a 9-7-inch screen and will have be very similar in size to the Apple iPad.

It is no secret that all these other brands will be trying to outdo Apple, as they saw a gap in the market long before anyone else did and seized it, and 3.3 million sales shows that the Cupertino company’s judgment was spot on.

According to Bloomberg’s sources the BlackBerry BlackPad – which we reported already has a domain registered – will offer a front and rear-facing camera, but it is the keyboard that is on our minds. We know that they have a great deal of experience with a physical keyboard, it is the touchscreen that we are concerned about. You only have to look at the Storm and Strom 2 to understand what I am talking about.

For more details on this visit Bloomberg.



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