Internet Explorer 9: Screenshots and Beta Info

By Jamie Pert - Jul 30, 2010

As many of you are probably aware Microsoft are currently developing Internet Explorer 9, therefore we thought you would appreciate a sneak peak as to what to expect.

These days web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari have a much better reputation than Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, this is thanks to their overall performance, security and intuitiveness, therefore it will be interesting to see how Microsoft respond.

If you head over to Engadget you can see a couple of screenshots from an early build of IE9, they do not reveal a lot, however you can see that they have adopted ideas from other browsers, such as a download manager and a most popular sites window.

To be honest everything else looks pretty much identical to Internet Explorer 8, which will no-doubt disappoint many, let’s just hope that this is a very early build.

It is thought that Microsoft will release an Internet Explorer 9 beta in roughly a months time, this should give us an idea whether Internet Explorer 9 will be a step in the direction.

What do you want Microsoft to introduce in Internet Explorer 9?

Source: Engadget

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