HTC EVO 4G: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Sprint’s Official Release Date

By Alan Ng - Jul 30, 2010

Earlier on, we informed you of Sprint’s plans to release their official update to Android 2.2 Froyo for all HTC EVO 4G owners, but now we have their official press release to show you, along with a confirmed release date.

As reported from Phandroid, Sprint announced via Twitter that they will be the first carrier to bring Android 2.2 to customers on the HTC EVO 4G.

The rollout process will begin on Tuesday, 3rd August. Main features within 2.2 include Flash 10.1 support, Voice Dialing over Bluetooth, Improved browser performance and application storage on external memory.

There are two ways to get the update. The first is wait until Sprint give the OTA notification on Tuesday, or you can also go to the settings menu and system updates to see if the update is available.

So the update will finally be official next week – what are your thoughts on this? You can read the full press release here.

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  • When my EVO crashed a few days ago I decided to go with the Epic because the people at the Sprint store said it was better than the EVO. I was very disappointed to find out the Epic does not have Adobe Flash or Android 2.2 as my EVO has. I feel like I just downgraded instead of gotten a better phone. I was just hoodwinked, by the salesperson looking to earn a commission.

  • richard

    I am a proud owner of the HTC evo 4g and all I can say is 2.2 brings a beautiful flavor to this device it is pleasantly fast but more importantly very accurate in many respects. Battery life will always be an issue but people need to get past this common cellphone thoughts because the evo 4g is not a cellphone it is a entertainment/business device that is s computer understanding the operating system and all your applications downloaded onto the device is important knowledge that is what will determine your battery mileage. Android has made me learn about my smartphone and other smartphones and how they all work. Google/Android for life in my world.


    Oh, I meant I checked for it Tuesday and yesterday and nothing yet. Looking forward to it.


    Party at Nicks house this Friday.

  • Doug

    Well battery live depends on what wireless options you have turned on. I turn off most (4G, BT, GPS) and toggle between 3G and WiFi (and 4G when in area w/ 4G) and turn off automatic background syncing sometimes.. I get well over a day (as much as 2+ days) … but I get around 3 hours if I stream video and watch/listen on battery. It's purely a balance of what things you leave running. Do you NEED to do constant syncs w/ the calendar phone is in your pocket or can you live will pull it out and pushing the manual refresh? Check the power widgets out — very useful for toggling things on/off.

  • Bob Garon

    Battery life sucks! I can't get 3 hours out of it.

  • Brad

    Download it OTA now. It is available. .6 it is.

  • witemike

    Got HTC’s release from yesterday that was prematurely pulled, and it runs great. There is the ability to share apps, send attachments in text messages, a three setting led flashlight, and ability to use flashlight with the camcorder among other things. Plus with a quick benchmark test my Evo jumped from 7 Mflops to 38 Mflops! I love it.

  • Martin Vincent

    Android phones are selling at 160,000/day and their App's Store is growing at 30%/month. Now compare this with the iOS of the iPhone, 65,000/day and a much slower App's Store growth.

    On another note, the Android community is way ahead of Apple when it comes to technology. Apple, for the first time, is unequivocally behind the curve on the technology front. It will be interesting to see what Apple is going to do against $16 Trillion worth of companies with their cash hoard of $25 billion. No company in history has been successful when it has decided to take on the world. The battle is not Apple vs. Google, but almost every tech company on the planet. Even their ally ATT has begun to straddle the fence.

  • Dave H.

    After years of lagging behind the other cellular carriers by not having a signature phone, Sprint has finally hit pay dirt with the EVO 4G. Android 2.2 will take a great phone over the top to a new level of performance. I-Phone 4 run for cover.

  • Kenny

    Oh and my thoughts…Its not as late as I was thinking it would be. Sprint has a tendency to drag its feet. But they are really trying with this phone….im excited! Can't wait…now all I need is a larger micro SDHC card!!

  • Kenny

    Bah..just checked. Not there yet lol…..Well, cant wait till tuesday. Will be checking on it frequently.

  • froyofiesta

    Can't wait but it looks like tethering for free is gone, disabled. Aaargh. Hope Froyo cures al the freezing up currently on EVO.

    • chris

      can not tether ith 2.2 will not let you get past sprint wifi