Break Down Barriers to Fitness: Fitaide Pro 1.0 for iPhone

By Gary Johnson - Jul 30, 2010

A new fitness app that uses patent-pending technology with innovative features has just been released for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Fitaide Pro 1.0 helps users achieve their fitness goals by helping with motivation, training and support.

Released by Poscitech the app allows anyone to create a personalized cardio or interval fitness plan. By using the devices in-built 3D motion sensor to track the user, the app lets them know when to change pace, allowing them to reach their goal. User’s improvement in fitness levels is captured by estimating their VO2Max.

Users of the app can use a feature that allows them to train for an event like a marathon, and promote a charitable cause. They can also keep family and friends updated with progress via Facebook and twitter, and even train virtually with them. Calories, distance, steps, speed and pace are automatically tracked by the application.

Fitaide Pro 1.0 is available on the App Store for only $4.99. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad required with OS 3.0 or later.

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